Is it normal to get motion sickness when you are pregnant

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There’s no evidence that pregnancy causes motion sickness. If you have nausea and vomiting it could just be morning sickness. [ Source: ]
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Is it normal to get motion sickness when you are pregnant
There’s no evidence that pregnancy causes motion sickness. If you have nausea and vomiting it could just be morning sickness.

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Could i be pregnant again?
Q: My husband and i already have a 5 month old daughter, and we only had to try once to get pregnant the first time. I am on birth control but sometimes i miss a pill or take it a few hours later when i remember. We have made love a few times and he has you know what inside me. Now i am finding myself having cravings, and my stomach is firm but only when i am standing upright, i have gained a few pounds because i have been eating lots and i have been feeling a little sick but its not the normal morning sickness feeling, it feels like motion sickness…do you think i could be pregnant again??Please only moms, nurses or people who would know about this sort of thing answer my question, no teenagers or kids please..thank you
A: It could be, but then again, there’s also the chance that it might not be.How long has this been going on for?I mean, obviously, the easiest way would be to take a HPT but…I remember the second time I thought I got pregnant and it reminds me of your situation- I had the same symptoms & conditions.Well, what had happened to me was that I had a chemical pregnancy but the hormones hadn’t completely disappeared so I had to take some prescriptions to correct it. Morning sickness isn’t necessarily the same in all pregnancies. In fact, after my miscarriage, everytime I ovulate, I lactate and have mild morning sickness. It could also be from birth control.I’d say just take a test to be sure.We could talk/debate about this for days but that would be most… concrete.GL!
Pregnant?I just need some advice before my doc apt?
Q: Im starting to freak myself out,but its not in my head. I have been feeling like crap for the past several weeks. I feel I might be pregnant, but on the other hand I keep telling myself there is no way. Im 20 years old and in a very stable relationship and if it came down to it we would be fully prepared to take care of the baby we are not the abortion or adoption kind of people. I have been on birth control for 7 months not including this month( I went off because of the symptoms I have been having). For the past two months I havent been taking them at the same time and I think I even missed a pill some where in there. I dont know when I would have gotten pregnant because I skipped my period for the last two months. This month when I was abt to start my period pills I spotted for 3 days b4 and then started right away when I took the period pills which is rare. It lasted for 3.5 days and then stopped and it was very light I only needed 3-4 tampons. This whole situation is not my regular deal. I thought with not having a period for 2 months my period would be a pain in the ass this month, but no and Im still confused as to why it stopped like that mine usually last 5-6 days. Since then I decided not to take the pill this month. I have been having that feeling in my stomach every day like Im hungover acidy and uneasy or motion sickness, I get headaches some bad other not so much, I get cramps,dizzy,I poop alot more(TMI),I feel bloated, Im tired, and my bra that I used to put on the tightest clasp is now on the loosest and that even feels tight.I get random pains here and there in my lower region. I just called the doctor, but the soonest they can get me in is sat…ugh..I dont want to wait any more. I took 5 tests 2 before I started my period then I took a digital one and a normal one a couple days after that I thought the digital might be wrong(i took them at night) so then the next morning I figured I try in the morning like your supposed to. All negative, but maybe it was to early. Please share any advice you can with me. Im starting to get depressed it takes all day before I can feel better and by then I want to go to bed…anything I should specifically tell the doctor?
A: that is exactly how i felt when i was pregnant,i have 3 grown up kids,with my 3rd i remember saying to my friend if i am not pregnant i will be dead this time next year,because i felt so ill,
What do you think?
Q: My last period was 2 days late but seemed to go normal, a day after it was all done, early in the morning when i was at work i got this horrible feeling of nausia for just a minute and it went away. At the time i did not think much of it becuase my period had just ended, but then a few days later it happend again, and agian, and now i cant ride in a car without getting motion sickness, which has never been a problem for me. Also last week i actually almost threw up but i held it back, and then that happend two more times in the morning on different days. This week i have just felt so tired i cant even get out of bed, and i can take naps in the middle of the day and thats really uncommon. I do have unprotected sex alot and use the pull out method, and it wouldnt be horrible if i was pregnant. I took a pregnancy test a week ago that came out neg. and im not wasting any more money on those until after i miss my period which should start next week… Could this be pregnancy? or am i sick?
A: your taking it way too seriously way too early.just relax and wait for a little bit, things will happen naturally without you worrying about it the whole time, which is gonna feel like years if you keep this up.
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