Is it ok to have a cold when pregnant

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It’s very common for expecting women to get sick. As long as symptoms are mild you should be fine. If ur achy/fever call your OB! [ Source: ]
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Is it ok to have a cold while pregnant?
Most pregnant women get a cold at least once, if not more (think of all the moms with small children who get sick repeatedly!) It won’t hurt the baby. Drink a lot of fluids (this is most important), get a lot of rest, listen to your body, d…
Is tylenol cold ok during pregnancy?
When used according to directions, Acetaminophen is considered safe for pregnant women.
What medicine is ok to take for a cold when you are pregnant??
During pregnancy, if you have a cold, you can take Sudafed for stuffy or running nose, you can take Robitussin (plain) for cough, and you can take Tylenol every 4 yours for aches and pains. Also drink plenty of water so you will not become …

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is this medicine ok to take when pregnant???
Q: im 8 months pregnant. i got a cold yesterday…i have a headache, sore throat, and a stuffy nose. i called my doctor office, and talked to the nurse & asked her if i could take anything for it.she said i could take the plain red u think it would be ok to take it??? will it effect the baby at all??? i havent taken any medicine and i dont wana take it if its harmful or something…..
A: If your doctor said it is safe then I would trust him. It’s better for your baby for you to be feeling better than to just let yourself suffer.
Is it ok to eat baked ham that has been refrigerated when pregnant?
Q: I am getting ready to go to my mothers house for Christmas dinner and she baked a ham earlier this week and has had it refrigerated for a couple of days before today. My question is will this be okay to eat cold? I know that when you are pregnant it is not safe to eat deli meat but I am wondering if since this was a baked ham if it is different. Thanks for your help
A: Yes it is ok. It has been kept in the fridge so eat away! =)
When having a cold when pregnancy… ?
Q: does it end the pregnancy? ruin the baby?or is it ok to get a cold when pregnant?how you tell if you got a cold when pregnant?how should you avoid it? how can you?what do you do if you have it?
A: I had a cold a couple of weeks ago and my baby’s been fine the whole time. It won’t end your pregnancy or hurt the baby if it’s just a normal cold with no complications to it. It might last a little longer than normal because of your weakened immune system, but it will go away just like any other cold. I was actually surprised with how fast mine went away – usually they stick around me for a while, but this one went away fairly quickly! 🙂 The best way to avoid it is to stay away from people who you know have colds, and from really public places since a lot of people will have colds this time of year. But since that’s probably not a very good option, then WASH YOUR HANDS as much as you can. And use hand sanitizer when there’s no soap and water around. There’s nothing you really do other than that. And if/when you do get a cold, check with your doctor before taking anything, but MOST cold meds are okay while pregnant. Most of the ingredients aren’t going to hurt you or the baby, but some brands might use ones that aren’t okay, so definitely check with the doctor first. Or just stick it out and it’ll go away, just like any other cold.
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