Is the girl from MIA pregnant

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Yes, M.I.A. is pregnant and her due date is February 8th, it has not been reported if she has had her baby yet. ChaCha On! [ Source: ]
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Is the girl from MIA pregnant
Yes, M.I.A. is pregnant and her due date is February 8th, it has not been reported if she has had her baby yet. ChaCha On!

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Boyfriend of 4 years cheated and got girl pregnant?
Q: I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. We both have kids from previous relationships. My youngest daughter never met her sperm donor (his choice not mine) so she knows my boyfriend as daddy. Other than her we have no children together. Last year he cheated on me with an ex girlfiend. I found out over the summer and he said it only happened once, i knew better than that though. Well about a month ago I felt like he was cheating on me again. We were on our way to the movies and he told me that he does not want to loss me and he loves me. I know he does love me and i know he does not want to lose me either. So as we pulled up at his friends house that was going to the movies with us I asked him if he was cheating on me cuz he kept going MIA, he said no and that there was something he want to talk to me about but he planned on doing in after we got home. Is it something bad and he said yeah i said is it something that might break us up he said yeah i said u got a baby, he said yeah. I flipped the F*^&% out!! The baby was born in October and I just found out ab out it in January!! He said he didn’t tell me she was pregnant when I found out about them cheating cuz he didn’t know for sure it was his and he didn’t want to hurt me any more. He got a DNA and found out around Turkey day that the baby is his. He said the reason he has been MIA is because she works and needs him to baby sit. It hurts me that he had this baby but this is something that can’t be undone. I can accept the baby because the baby didn’t ask for this but the mother will not let the baby come over to the house which means he has to go over there to watch him. I am not ok at all with him being in the same house as her, I don’t trust either one of them at this point. I love him with all my heart and am willing to work this out with him but he does not understand how I feel about him being at her house. It would be one thing if he was there only to babysit but there are times when he goes over and she is there. I told him I don’t want a reoccurance and he said there won’t be. Part of me wants to leave him because he isn’t taking me feelings into consideration and part of me wants to cheat on him to get revenge and show him how it feels and part of me wants to work through this. Any suggestions!!
A: First off, if you cheat just to get back at him, you’re a real b****. Seriously, who the f*** would do that? The way you laid it out, it seems he made a mistake and is sorry. What i find even more commendable is the fact that he stuck around to help the baby. Almost honorable, if he hadn’t of cheated in the first place. Why don’t you just go over to the house with him when he goes? If you can’t, just ask him upfront if he’s ever gonna’ cheat or be tempted to. If you still feel there’s no hope for you, break it off. Give it a chance though.Unknown Identity
I know this sounds stupid. But it is BABY GALORE in our family.!!!?
Q: As I said in the question.This is going to sound stupid but…I’m 16 and I am pregnant. (Due in two weeks)My sister is 23 and she is pregnant with number 2. (Due in four weeks)My sisters friend 26 and she is pregnant with number 3. (Due in about five weeks)and one more..My auntie 39 pregnant with number 5. (Due in five and a half weeks)I know, I know i sound like one of those stupid trolls that have nothing better to do in their lives but make up fake pregnancies and just make up stupid situations.I have just found out about this website and decided to join. I have seen my sister on here looking for baby names before and it looked like a really helpful website.Anyway, after all that. I am here to write down the names each of us like for our babies.Can you please choose one name from boys and one name from girls for each person pregnant.Thankyou!Me (Adele) (Due in two weeks):For a girl:Olive Maci FrenchorAva Annabelle FrenchFor Boys:Reese William FrenchorDaniel Robert FrenchMy Sister (Emery) (Due in four weeks):For girls:Lola Marie GeneorLilac Jane GeneFor boys:Connor James GeneorKeegan James GeneShe already has a daughter.Hazel Caitlin GeneMy sisters friend (Amy) (Due in five weeks):For girls:Violet Rose ThomasorScarlett Grace ThomasFor boys:Taylor John ThomasorCarter Ryan ThomasShe already has two children.Isla Niamh ThomasCaragh Josie ThomasMy auntie (Melinda)(Due in five and a half weeks):For girls:Mia Olivia FrenchorMayah Rose FrenchFor boys:Mason Oliver FrenchorMason Russell FrenchShe already has four other kids.Halle Jane FrenchLillie May FrenchAshton John FrenchCarlie Jessica FrenchThankyou for the people that help us!And for all the people that think its a joke and im a troll, get a life and dont bother commenting.
A: For you I like Olive Annabelle French. I really don’t like Ava it’s way too popular these days and Maci seems well like a spray that hurts your eyes. Olive is pretty and so is Annabelle which means gracious and beautiful as far as I know. For a boy I like Reese William French. For your sister: For a girl I like Lilac Marie the best. It reminds me of a pretty little soft purple flower, Marie is a pretty middle name and no plain-Jane. For a boy I like Connor James, I’ve always hated Keegan it’s like someone is mispronouncing Teagan. For your sister’s friend: I like Violet Grace the best for a girl. I’m only mixing up the names because as much as Violet Rose flow they are two flowers. Scarlett Rose is also good. Hell I can’t make up my mind, both are good. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, tell her from me that both are gorgeous 😀 For a boy I like Carter Ryan, I’ve never liked the name Taylor. For your aunt. For a girl I love Mayah Olivia. Sorry I keep mixing up the names but it flows great. For a boy I love Mason Oliver, I can’t stand the name Russel.
I’m 28 Weeks Pregnant.?
Q: Okay, I know this doesn’t Fit this Section but, I Have loved the Twilight series ever since they came out. I’m Currently 25 years old and Pregnant with my First Child. It’s a Baby Boy.I was Thinking about naming him Edward, that name just Fascinated me for some reason. it’s Not of this i me period but i’m Deffiantly Into a good classy name.What do you think?I really like Edward but My Husband likes Hunter.What do you think?I’m Not too Excited about Hunter though, Should i go with Hunter?I dont want my Baby boy getting Picked on through School. :(Shortly After i have my son we will be trying for A Girl, Heidi or mia will be the Name.We want then another girl Two years apart from The second Child.So If we name Heidi as the second Baby we will name our Third as Mia.Your Opinions Please, how do these Names go together?I’m all about planning for the Future!Thanks,Alexis cox.
A: I like both, i know it is hard to pick and usually the two never agree on anything i know i have been there done that. But try to sit down with him and tell him why you like your name and what you really feel about it and also listen to him, and go from there. but just dont go with what he says because you feel bad. Me and my boyfriend didn’t agree on anything and also i had a boy i picked the first name and he picked the middle Good Luck & Congrats 🙂
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