Is there different kind

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One thing that causes a female fish plenty of stress is aggro from lots of other female fish.Is your fish pregnant? ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is there different kind
One thing that causes a female fish plenty of stress is aggro from lots of other female fish.Is your fish pregnant? ChaCha!
How many different kind of apples are there?
There is only one kind of apple but they come in different colors .
What are the different kind of child abuse?
・ physical abuse ・ sexual abuse ・ neglet ・ emotional abuse

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Is there different kind of rod cell in retina like cone cells?
Q: Is there three different kind of rod cells(red,blue,green) just like cone cells ?or there is only one kind of rod cells in retina?
A: No ……… there is {JUST} one type of rods in retina and I am SURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rods are a little narrower than cones but have the same structural basis. The pigment is on the outer side, lying on the pigment epithelium. This end contains many stacked disks, probably from the folding inward of the limiting membrane surrounding this section, allowing a higher area for visual pigment and increasing the efficiency of light absorption. Because they have only one type of light-sensitive pigment, rather than the three types that human cone cells have, rods have little, if any, role in color vision.Like cones, rod cells have a synaptic terminal, an inner segment, and an outer segment. The synaptic terminal forms a synapse with another neuron, for example a bipolar cell. The inner and outer segments are connected by a cilium.[1] The inner segment contains organelles and the cell’s nucleus, while the rod outer segment (abbreviated to ROS), which is pointed toward the back of the eye, contains the light-absorbing materialsvisit this link : IvEd hElpD Ya !!!!!!!!!!!
Are there different types of Salvia? A trippy kind, and an extract?
Q: are there different kinds of salvia? i heard one of them makes you trip, and an “extract” is just like weed.. is this true?if anyone can give me some more information on this, it would be very much appreciated. thanks.
A: Nooo sirsalvia divinorum is a hallucinogen (salvia is a family of plants of which there are many varieties, some plant stores will sell kinds of salvia other than salvia divinorum) and it will make you trip. What extract is is just that, they extract the active chemicals from a lot of salvia and spray it onto a little bit so it’s extra-potent and makes you trip harder.Salvia is not at all like weed. It’s a powerful hallucinogen that will remove you from your surroundings and mess with your mind.
Is there different kind of mario karts for ds?
Q: I have mario cart for ds and so does a 2 guys I work with and there talking about “bag of bones” and maluigi or something like that being on theres and I dont have any thing like that. I only have the original 8 players. is there different ones or what. Why dont I have the same players that they do?
A: As you play the game, you unlock more characters.Dry BonesR.O.B.Maluigi is Waluigi and Bag of Bones is Dry Bones
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