What are the chances of a girl being pregnant after multiple periods

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Some women report having a period during pregnancy which turns out to be implantation bleeding. Test to be sure! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-chances-of-a-girl-being-pregnant-after-multiple-periods ]
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What are the chances of a girl being pregnant after multiple peri…?
Some women report having a period during pregnancy which turns out to be implantation bleeding. Test to be sure!

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What are my chances of being pregnant?
Q: Okay, So me and my fiance have decided after losing our first child a year ago to try for another one. My most fertile days were supposed to be the 30th or the 1st. My fiance was out of town until last night(the 2nd). We had intercourse 3 times last night and he came in me every time. Are my chances still high for getting pregnant. Because it was only a day or 2 after my most fertile days? And How early have you women started your pregnancy symptoms? before your missed period? With my first I started getting symptoms after only 2 weeks. And then i missed my period. Then We lost our little girl after almost 20 weeks, and it was so heartbreaking. Did anymore experience their pregnancy symptoms earlier in there second pregnancy. I have also been experience alot of clear discharge today. Is that normal? Is that just From having intercourse last night? I think that happend with my firs tpregnancy too but im not sure if its from having sex multiple times or not. Because every other time me and my fiance have had intercourse i have never had a discharge this much after intercourse. (sorry if tmi)I have also experienced a small amount of cramping. And i normaly dont cramp untill the day before my period starts.Any advice would be great.Thank you.Today..May 4th. When i first woke up i felt very lite headed and a bite sick to my stomach. Also have a small amount of cramping. But it comes and goes. And its not like period cramps. They dont really hurt. Just can feel the tightness.
A: Hey! thanks for responding to my post.. sounds like we are in the same boat. I’ve got this feeling of “im starving” but wanna throw-up after i eat even though I wont. Also, my appetite has decreased but im not sure if that is b/c of the nauseous feelings. Also- from everything ive read.. a day or two b/f and after ovulation and the day of are the best to have sex since his sperm can live inside you up to 2 days. Anyways.. glad to hear im not the only one experiencing symptoms so early.. Im thinking that Ill test in another day or two! God knows im scared out of my mind even though I’m 27, married for 3 yrs to a man I’ve been with for 10, have a great job and WANT a baby but Its SOOOO Scary! Good luck & Happy testing! Ill keep you posted on my results.
What are the odds that I’m pregnant? Please let me know?
Q: Just in your opinion.My boyfriend and I had sex multiple times right after my period and during my supposed ovulation (but it was only a guesstimate from an ovulation calculator). I have not been on birth control for over a year, I’m a pretty healthy girl and none of my family has had any problems with infertility.I know it might still be too early, but I took a HPT and it was negative (I was ovulating around Nov 14 to Nov 19) and at first I was really scared and nervous, but after thinking about it, I thought it would be really amazing to have a baby. so I’m just wondering, in your opinion, if you think my chances of being pregnant are high?because I’m wondering how it is that some people can end up pregnant from one single broken condom at some random time of the month, and others take months and months of trying… and I really hope I won’t be one of those people that needs to try that hardI don’t know, I am definitely over analyzing and stressing out way too much about this, but I’m just really anxious and curious
A: The odds are high since you had sex around ovulation. Your right it’s wayyy too early to be taking a test. You need to wait about another week 1/2 to 2 weeks before you take a test. There is a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month with perfect timing so the odds are on the lower end. From experience both times me and my husband had sex around ovulation and he didn’t pull out I got pregnant. We have 2 kids. 🙂 Good luck and God Bless!!!ps Sperm can live anywhere from hours to 5/6 days. It just depends on the woman’s cervical mucus and where she is in her cycle.
What are the chances the Baby is mine?
Q: Here’s the situation in a nutshell;I met a girl on November 28th. We hit it off well, had a few drinks, and in an obvious lack of judgment on both of our parts had unprotected sex early the morning of the 29th. Both of us had agreed to see each other again, but decided neither of us wanted a relationship-it would just be a casual relationship. After we had went out the following week she informed me she wanted to “talk”. We had a 4 hour conversation(Dec. 4th) about how she had changed her mind on the “casual” relationship and wanted something more-I informed her that I was unable to commit to anything like that at this point in my life, explained to her the reasons behind that, and told her I would understand if it meant we couldn’t hang out in the same capacity again. She said she was fine keeping things the way they were, but she would be dating other people also. Now we were supposed to hang out on Dec. 10th which we did but she was acting weird(she had told me she was supposed to start her period that day and hadn’t started it by that evening). She preceded to tell me on Sat. Dec. 12th that she was pregnant. We were both dating multiple people at the time this happened, however she assures me that I am the only one that could be the father. I don’t understand how a lot of this works-and hoped someone with a better understanding could let me know what the chances are the baby is mine? There is apparently some formula for calculating ovulation dates based on period dates?? Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for your responses.
A: Sorry man, your best bet is to wait it out and get a paternity test. Regardless of any “calculations”, the fact that you raw dogged her puts you in the equation brother. You just got to keep it cool and see what happens. My advice to you is for the next 8 months, get your mind right. Make sure you have a stable job (save up some extra money for the paternity test) and don’t stress too much about it. Just becuase you may not be ready for a child (not saying that it’s yours right now) but beleive me, it’s a beautiful thing in the long run. Make sure you are there for her though and don’t act an a$$!Remember, how you act now plays an important part on the rest of your life, make the right choices man.
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