What does it mean when a pregnant woman has contractions

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It is usually a sign of the rhythmic tightening actions of the uterine muscle, otherwise known as labor/delivery. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-a-pregnant-woman-has-contractions ]
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What does it mean when a pregnant woman has contractions
It is usually a sign of the rhythmic tightening actions of the uterine muscle, otherwise known as labor/delivery. ChaCha!
When a pregnant woman has contractions does that mean the baby is…?
they are probably Braxton Hicks contractions to get her body ready to have the baby. even though some people say they are painless, they can be pretty painful. mine were. but, once the REAL contractions kick in she almost definitely won’t b…
Can a man’s seman cause contractions in a pregnant woman??
Reacted due to massive amounts of stupidity contained within the first answer. From Birthwithlove.com: “Sex and nipple stimulation can be very effective in starting and augmenting labor. Semen has prostoglandins in it, so using sex to …

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Has anyone that’s been pregnant had this?
Q: Have any pregnant women EVER had this? Pretty bad pain at the tops of your legs/pelvic area,yet no contractions or anything. I’m 37 weeks today. I mean HORRIBLY bad pain. Like I can barely walk anywhere,but it’s not like that constantly,just a decent amount of the time. I’m not sure if this is normal,or what I should do. It seems to only hurt when I stand up. Has anyone else had this? What were the end results?Does this mean that labor is within the next week or so maybe? possibly? lol just curious,because this pain is horrible. I have to take tylenol almost daily,at least twice for it. sometimes 3 times.I have an appointment Tuesday,and I’m going to DEFINATELY bring it up then. I know that she explained it that because of the extra weight,and the way that the baby’s dropping (noticebly so) that it could just be putting intense pressure there.
A: actually, thats pretty common girl. i pain like that too startin from about 36 weeks. its just the baby getting lower and lower into your pelvic area, and all that exyta weight down there causes pain and pressure. i was told the more pain you have the bigger your baby will be lol. my boy ended up being 8 lbs 7 oz!!
Need opinions on what this could be, I am 31 weeks pregnant?
Q: I get these occasional pains in my stomach. This is how they feel: i will all of a sudden get tons of pressure in my lower stomach and it hurts a little (more like tender, not really cramps) and my stomach gets really tight. I timed them and they usually last from about 60-70 seconds. They are not regular. I asked my doctor and he said they are true contractions, and to not have anymore than 4 per hour. Did any of you contract this early? if so does that mean I am going to deliver early? It kinda makes me nervous. I have these about 6-7 times a day. More if i am up walking around alot. I have never had more than 3 an hour. Should I be worried? I just want to know what other pregnant women have gone through and what to expect. (she is also head down when i went to my doctors appointment.) Thanks so much~!
A: sounds like Braxton Hicks to me, if they get stronger or more frequent i would call your doc!Good luck
i am 38weeks pregnant. can you help??
Q: please answer me kindly……1) when i sit, it feels like as if my baby is running on my lap when she moves so i have to sit with my legs wide open all the time to give my tummy space. is it normal?2) what does it mean when my tummy hardens a whole lot for like 3whole mins? (sometimes with pain and sometimes no pain)3) why is it that i havent have the ‘show’ thing that you pregnant woman see?4) can baby move while having a contraction?5) is it possible to have real labour but the cervix hasnt open yet?6) feels like my baby is playing IN my vagina (its not comfortable) when she is down there i have pain. is that normal?7) why do my nipples feels so sensible?8) is there any way or any feeling that tell you when your water is going to break?9) how often should a pregnant woman go to the toilet (to poo) at my stage?10) at this very moment, my baby is pressing really hard down there, feels like i wanna poo and at the same time pee. is it normal?
A: 1) Yes, perfectly normal. Pregnancy isn’t always pretty and this includes sitting. Just do what feels comfortable to you.2) What you are feeling are Braxton-Hicks contractions. It is your body’s way of preparing for true labor3) Not all women see a “bloody show” and having a show does not necessarily mean you will go into labor right away. Some women lose it up to a month before actually going into labor. I lost mine the day I was in labor.4) Yes, a baby can move while having a contraction and they are actually working their way down the birth canal during contractions.5) Yes, this is possible and it happened to me. I was in true labor for 48 hours with my cervix only a fingertip dilated then all of a sudden “bam!” I dilated to 5 cm and then rapidly progressed from there6) Your baby is probably sitting very low. What you are feeling is perfectly normal. Toward the end i felt like with every step I took it was possible for my baby to fall out.7) I’m assuming you mean sensitive. This is mainly due to hormonal changes8) Nope, you won’t know when your water is going to break. For some women, it never breaks on its own and has to be manually punctured by your doctor. 9) you should go as often as you need to. There is no good or normal to this10) yes, this is a normal feeling. When you are in labor it will feel even more intense.Good luck!
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