What does it mean when your period doesn’t come but your not pregnant

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Missed period could be a result from stress, illness, miscalculation, change in medication, being too underweight or overweight. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-your-period-doesn%27t-come-but-your-not-pregnant ]
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How come “getting your period” means your not pregnant??
Do you know what a period is? It’s a monthly cycle in which 1 egg is realeased. When you are pregnant, instead of the egg being realeased it becomes fertilized. So when you don’t get your period, you could either be pregnant or just irregu…

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Ladies! What does it mean when your period starts in September and doesn’t come back till January?
Q: I got my period in September expecting it to come back in October but noooooope! Didn’t come back till January. I’m don’t understand this and I haven’t had it since October. I’m not pregnant or having sex or anything like that. I’m 13 and wierded out.
A: How is that possible since it’s now only December? Anyway, it probably means you have some rare, horrible disease that will kill you within a matter of months. Good luck with that.
Is A Period Suppose To Come Every Month?
Q: My First Period Was November 21,2009.It Lasted For 6 Days.So,I Prepared My Self For It To Come Again December 21st…But It Didn’t Come.So I Waited For It To Come January..It Still Didn’t Come.Now Its February.My Friend Said It Doesn’t Come Every Month But Im Not So Shore.Nd My Mom Said That Sometimes When It Doesn’t Come It Means Your Pregnant (That Freaked Me Out) But I Couldn’t Be Pregnant Because Im Only 12 (Turning 13 In March) Of Course I Haven’t Done AnyThing..I Swear.What’s Wrong??
A: It’s very normal, since you are just starting your periods. I got my first period September 25, 2001 and I didn’t get my second one until probably January 2002. Don’t worry.
Does anyone else have strange fainting spells during period?
Q: Ever since college I have been plagued with irratical dizzy/fainting spells. They happen when I am having my period- but not every month. I would say 4-6 x a year… unless I am pregnant. ( I feel GREAT when I am pregnant.)I have heavy periods typically and not regular. Just because I had a period a week ago- doesn’t mean I won’t spot or have a light one the following week- It drives me CRAZY. But I just started having a period again- I’ve had a baby and have been breastfeeding…. Today- I had a dizzy spell , started blacking out and felt like I was going to vomit. I laid down and started thinking what-in-the-world could have caused it… and like a bad dream… this fainting-spell history of mine comes to mind. I had forgotten about it. (It’s been 18 months since my last period…. and I’ve had four children…Does anyone else have these too? What is it and how can I prevent them?Thanks for your advice!
A: First of all I would suggest you see your doctor about something so serious as this.One thing I can think of is that you mentioned irregular periods and heavy bleeding. You can be partially anemic during your time of the month. Loss of blood can cause you to be faint, weak, dizzy, fatigued, etc. But seriously you need to go see your doctor. Especially since you have such a history.
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