What famous couples are pregnant

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Famous couples who are expecting include: James McAvoy and wife Anne-Marie Duff and Amanda Peet and screenwriter David Benioff. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-famous-couples-are-pregnant ]
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What famous couples are pregnant
Famous couples who are expecting include: James McAvoy and wife Anne-Marie Duff and Amanda Peet and screenwriter David Benioff.

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the famous ? am i pregnant?
Q: okay so it started (in november) when i took the sugar pills thinking they for some reason were part of my reg pack (stupid i know, dont know what i was thinking)I normally just wait that week out without any pills. Before i realized what i had done i was already in the “waiting” week. So i was actually 2 weeks without any pills- of course we had unprotected sex…my period came in november, but it was so light that it only lasted a few hours for 2 days. So lately ive been extremely exhauseted, always needing a nap or going to bed by like 830pm. A couple days ago my breasts started to hurt a bit. Ive only had one big wave of nausea where i had to leave the store to sit in car. I also have felt some cramping like im going to get my period (which isnt due until dec 31st) so i guess my question is…did i possibly get preg in november or are these signs im having in december just signs on my period coming in a week and a half??
A: It could be you stressing yourself out or your pregnant, all you can do is wait for the late period…
Anybody else find this ridiculous?
Q: So, in my ethics class, we’re talking about Immanuel Kant (famous philosopher) and someone said the when pregnant couples have sex, they’re being unethical because they’re having sex for fun, and not to reproduce. I don’t see how this fits into his philosophy at all, but that’s not what I’m asking. I would like to write this person back, but I’m not sure what to say. Any help? And just to let you know, this is all voluntary. So it’s not like you’re doing my homework for me, I’m very well capable of doing that myself. The discussion board is to help students understand and interact with each other, seeing as that it’s all online. Thanks ladies!
A: I would say that sex isn’t just for reproducing or recreation. It’s also to help build and sustain a bond between two beings. In order to have a healthy relationship you have to share in a natural physical bond.
I need help with games for a bridal shower/bachelorette party.?
Q: Help! I am helping my coworkers throw a bridal shower/bachelorette party for my unit secretary this Saturday. I have got decorations, food, and drinks. Now I need games and prizes. Any new & fresh games? I have done so many showers & used the same games over & over again(toilet paper wedding dress, how well do you know the bride, famous couples, the purse game, etc). The bride is pregnant, however there will be drinks served for the rest of us. No strippers please. Will be at our friends’ home. Also, what about prizes? Thanks so much for your help. It is taxing to come up with new ideas for each and every party.
A: Why would she hire a stripper when her question stated…No strippers please?
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