What happens if birth control is used incorrectly

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What can happen is that you are not protecting yourself carefully and might end up pregnant. Thanks, ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-happens-if-birth-control-is-used-incorrectly ]
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What happens if birth control is used incorrectly
What can happen is that you are not protecting yourself carefully and might end up pregnant. Thanks, ChaCha

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Diane 35, what happens if you start it incorrectly?
Q: I took birth control pills for a few years now, but i just started using Diane 35 last month( i just started my second pack). I couldnt remember if you took it the sunday OF your period, or the sunday after.. I took it on the sunday that i still had my period. but i think you might have to take it the sunday after? would doing this cause any symptoms or problems? i HAVE been having some negative side effects with the pill.. could the starting of the pill have caused this?
A: I’m pretty sure that’s the right time to start it. If not, you might get spotting or something, but that can happen with a pill anyway. It will take a while to become effective so you have to use back-up contraception. Side effects usually go away after 1-3 months but you would probably be getting them anyway not because of when you started it.Harriet
The Pill???!?
Q: Its my 1st month using the pill, Ive just started the inactive pills. A few of my friends who have used the pill, effectively, said it doesn’t matter when u take ur pill as long as u dont skip 1. So Ive been rather irresponisible & taken them during scattered hours everyday. I only took my 1st couple pills at the same time. My friends said it wouldnt cause anything b/c I took them on the same day, yet what Ive been reading is to have the pill working effectively u need to take the pill at the same time everyday. Also Ive read that ur supposed to wait 7 days, or at least use a 2nd form of birth control when u first start the pill. I waited only 2 & used no other form of birth control, what are the chances of my pills actually working effectively w/all that Ive done? Are the pills going to work for me even though Ive been taking them incorrectly? & IF I happened to have got pregnant while on the pills will my period still start b/c of the green pills?
A: The green pills are placebos (they’re just sugar pills) therefore your period just won’t start because you’re on them, it should happen though because the pill regulates your periods. You should be taking them at the same time everyday, your friends are right.. it’ll probably work as long as you take them daily, but you’ll have more of a chance of spotting, having irregular periods, and getting pregnant. When you first start you have to wait 7 days, that’s how long it takes for the estrogen and progestin to make your body think it’s already pregnant and well.. then you can have sex.Because you probably took your pill right after you got your period, you have a less chance of getting pregnant because you probably didn’t ovulate yet.. (that happens somewhere in the middle of the 28 days-when not on the pill) But it’s entirely possible that you could’ve gotten pregnant.. my mom used the basal body temperture way for not getting pregnant (when you monitor which days your fertile/not fertile) and 9 months later she had a baby boy. So hopefully you’ll get your period, if not, take a pregnancy test. If you can’t remember to take your pill at around the sametime everyday, you should consider another form of birth control because chances are you’re going to forget sooner or later. You can get the shot.. you get it every three months and you won’t have your period. Good luck!
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