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Preggers (adj.) 1. slang for the state of being with child. 2. (n.) a nickname given to the woman that is pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-preggers ]
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Am i pregnant? cud i still be preggers?
maybe, try another test next week or have a blood pregnancy test done at your local clinic.
Am I preggers?
Possibly you could be.With my 1st son I found out 1 week before my period with my 2nd son the test just never picked up HCG until about 2 weeks after I missed.
What does preggers mean?
Absolutely retarded way of saying pregnant. If it’s slang used mainly by guys, it’s obviously gay ones who didn’t get the chick knocked up in the first place, because that’s how it sounds. No man should ever use that phrase…EVER.

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Q: I took a pregnancy test this morning with my first morning urine… it was negative…mind you it was a dollar store one… but… I’ve missed my period by 4 days today, I have excessive milky/clear discharge (it makes me uncomfortable wet, it feels like I have started my peiod but when I go check I haven’t), I have tender but not extremely tender breasts, about a week ago I was super nauseated and then I had the sulphuric/egg burps (which I heard was a sign), and I get little cramps in my lower tummy/pelvic area. Might be TMI, but my right aerola is like puffy, for lack of a better term, and I can see more of the veins in it. Any ideas? Not enough HCG in urine?? What do ya think??Also, my last period was Dec. 13th and with my 28 day cycles (for the most part) ovulation should have been the 26th or 27th. I had unprotected sex then.I do know Y!A isn’t a pregnancy test, just curious to what you guys think.
A: Wait a week and test again. None of my tests came out positive until I was already 5 weeks along.
How can I increase my odds of getting preggers?
Q: I am 17 years old, and I RRREEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYYY want to get preggers. What is the best strategy to get preggers? Does having sex multiple times a day work? Or is it better to wait until certain parts of my menstrual cycle?
A: if you took birth control and missed a day, you had sex that day you missed it.There’s an increase right there =]
Q: Here goes… I have been on the pill since I had my son 1 yr ago. I recently had my period the 1st week of this month from say the 4th- til the 8th… I was supposed to start my new pack of pills on that sunday the 7th but i didn’t have any more. We had a bit of a sex mishap happen with the condom when we had sex on the 10th. I recieved new pills and was told I could start them anytime but obviously I shouldnt take them unless i have a period right? What are my chances of becoming pregnant. Am i still really fertile from my first child? Obviously I have to wait and see but to me I think like no I can’t be prego again! lol Just wanna know other peoples experiences. ANd how soon would i maybe start noticing symptoms?
A: well some people say that it takes 3 months at least for the pill to get out of your system but I have also read that if you miss some pills it can make you superfertile and I know people who have become pregnant in that way. So you can usually take a pregnancy test within a couple of weeks of when you think you would of gotten pregnant.
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