What is the best thing to take when trying to get pregnant

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If you want to try natural you can take herbal supplements such as evening primrose oil or chaste tree berries. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-thing-to-take-when-trying-to-get-pregnant ]
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Is it a good thing to take clomid to try to get pregnant??
Why do you want to get pregnant, you wanted a baby with your ex? what if you had one and you two split up…. thats awesome to bring a baby into the world only to have their parents separate. You and your current bf.. why don’t you make su…

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What is the best thing to do in this situation?
Q: I posted this is family already, but I got only 1 answer.and it honestly did not help me at all…I am going to try my best to make this a short as possible.but it is still really long, so sorry about that.Okay, well to start I don’t have a big house.me and my husband have a very small 3 bedroom house.and not even big bedrooms.And as of right now it is over packed.My ex-sister-in-law, my 3 nieces, my parents, my 5 kids, and my oldest son’s girlfriend are all living in the house.And I don’t even have a room anymore, it’s getting so bad.All of my son’s don’t have a room. ‘3’and my daughters have to share with their cousins.and then my son’s gf is staying with us because her parents decided to go on a second honeymoon. and since she is 5 months pregnant with my grandchild I felt like I had to let her stay.and then my mom is extremly sick, and my brother is an @ss and so I am letting her and my dad ‘who is to old to take care of her’ stay with us also.But my husband told me yesterday, that he can’t take it anymore.and that he wants his house back.I feel bad telling any of them to leave.My list of who to kick out is not really easy.It’s between, my ex-sister-in-law who my brother had an affair on, and their 3 kids. ‘who he doesn’t even see anymore, because his gf is expecting and he doesn’t want anything to do with his ex’She doesn’t make a lot of money and can’t afford to buy even the smallest apartment, and my brother isn’t paying her anything yet.Or my parents, who are extrmely old and I would feel horrible sending them to a nursing home. My entire life my mom has always told me that she took care of me and my brother so she wanted us to that for her and our father when they needed it and she hates nursing homes.So since my brother is a @ss, I’m stuck with them all the time.and then my son’s gf. she’s only 16 and pregnant, so I would feel bad telling her to stay at her house alone til her parents get back.which is in I think they said 4 weeks.I think it was dumb to leave their pregnant daughter for that long, but from what I was told it’s like a mid-life type thing.and with her having a baby, they think they are getting old so they want to enjoy life or something like that… i don’t know, it sounds like a bunch of crap if you ask me, but anyway.So it’s a tough situation I’m in.I don’t even know what to do, or who to tell to leave or anything.I would love to get my room back, but I hate…well I hate all of this, it’s just really confusing.Basically, if you were me what would you do?and my kids are all young, 4, 8, 12, 14, 17.so I can’t tell them to leave either, and I probably wouldn’t anyway.
A: Most definitely should focus on your parents and you child/grandchild. You have no obligation to your ex sis in law.. you’ve got to find a way to get her out and on her *own* two feet. This may sound harsh, but you have to reclaim your home, even if you have to take her to apply for welfare and housing assistance. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but for the sanity of you and your own family.. you can’t take on every ‘victim’ that needs help, extended family, friends or who ever. You don’t have to be superwoman, or the problem fixer. Get yourself out of that role now or it will only be harder and harder to make people realize you are *not* their savior. You need to worry about you. When you think you are doing a good deed, others might -some absolutely will- begin to take advantage, or get too comfortable with no motivation to take on their *own* responsibilities and problems. I think it might also be a good time to find a way to sit down with your brother to have some discussions about help with your parents. Whether he is an *ss or not, he’s gonna have to get over it and grow up one day. Now is the perfect time for him to be a man and help out. After all, they raised him too, maybe it’s time he helped his parents back.It’s a sticky situation, I hope for you a solution.. and very soon. Best wishes to you..
I believe my dog is pregnant, what is the best way to get to the vetrinarian if my parents will not take me?
Q: During the last week of April (Monday, April 27 – Friday, May 1) we were watching my cousin’s dog, a pure bred labrador retriever named Elvis, while they were in Boston for her college graduation. My dog is a pug-beagle mix (puggle) named Miss Piggy and neither of the two are fixed. I was home alone and studying for a test and I had forgotten to put the puggle in her cage. Elvis had been trying to mate her all week and usually we’d been able to separate them.I remember hearing her yelp a few times downstairs and then they both came upstairs and she had a completely different reaction to him than before. The next few weeks I started noticing changes in her behavior and thought nothing of it. Then I started looking online a few days ago because she sleeps a lot, makes nests in my bed, lays down in dark places, and her nipples grew almost double in size. Today she’s been licking her privates a lot and panting constantly. She keeps chewing my stuffed animals and will not leave my side no matter what. There’s many other things too, but the point is I have reason to believe she’s pregnant and due in the next week or so. I’ve felt bumps in her belly too, it’s exciting 🙂 .But the problem is, my dad doesn’t believe me so he refuses to “waste $50 taking her to the vet for no reason” because he thinks that although it is completely possible for Elvis and Piggy to have mated, he doesn’t think it happened.Is there any way to know for sure if she’s pregnant? Because I think she is, and because she is relatively small for her size from all of the things I’ve read it seems she may need a C-section in order to give birth. Please help as soon as possible, thank you.Some additional info:Dear answerers, I’m 14 years old and I can say yes it’s my fault they were kept together. But also I didn’t notice symptoms until recently, as in like a few days ago. I’ve never experienced this before and I’ve had dogs in the past. I’ve been trying to convince my dad ever since Elvis was here that she could be pregnant and that we should take her to the vet anyways. But no matter what he doesn’t want to because money is tight in my family right now. I love my dog and I’d never want anything to happen to her. However I can’t really take her to the vet myself as I’m 14 and will be 15 in a month and do not have a license. I tried to provide as much background as I could. Please do not be rude. I was irresponsible in not locking her up like I should have because she was asleep when I got home from school. I studied for the test for a while and got wrapped up in what I was doing and wasn’t thinking. My fault. But I can’t get her to a vet, and that isn’t my fault.10 minutes agoI was not being stupid. I was studying for a test so I can pass my freshman year of highschool. I didn’t realize at the time that the mistake could cost my dog’s life. That may make me stupid, but I’ve been asking my parents to get her fixed after she turned six months old (this was a few years ago) and still nothing. I can’t stand how they won’t do anything for my dog. The main reason is because money is tight, but we love her and still keep her anyways. This dog, Miss Piggy, has been with me through everything. No matter how stupid this sounds she’s my best friend, my closest companion, and if I was old enough to drive I’d have taken her to the vet the day after Elvis left. No one can and ever will understand how much I love her. I just don’t want to lose her. It’s not my fault my parents don’t care. You can hate me for being irresponsible, but not for being unable to take her to the vetI asked this question in a different format before, and people gave me rude answers. I just want my dog to live. I love her with my whole heart. She’s sleeping next to me right now. I just want answers and I need to get her to a vet as soon as possible. Please just help me out. I can’t even get my permit until august 2010.
A: well it’s up to your parents to take her in they are the money makers.if your dad won’t find someone to surrender her to that will give her the proper care she needs.if she did get bred by a lab she might need a c section to have the pups.
My best friend’s girlfriend is lying and trying to get pregnant without his knowledge?
Q: My best friend doesn’t want biological children. He is currently 24 and is working on his degree and plans to travel the world alone once he graduates in order to establish himself in his field. Makes sense. He has worked in orphanages in Africa and believes whole heartedly in adoption as the only way he would ever have a child.I recently met his new girlfriend who struck me as an odd duck right off the bat. Things only got worse when she decided to catch me alone and confide in me that she is secretly trying to get pregnant by lying about taking her birth control. She feels that once he sees the baby he will fall in love with it and be glad that it’s there.I have no idea what to do. I don’t want him to get trapped into this relationship by this really dishonest woman. I also don’t want another unwanted baby to be brought into this world. My problem is that I don’t know what to say. I’m not sure that he would believe me, it all seems so far fetched and I don’t have any proof. HELP!
A: Well, on one hand, you really are a good friend and you know that you’re trying to protect him. On the other hand, he could believe you to be jealous or meddling and take the gf’s word over yours and you could lose him as your friend.I think I’d still say go for it. Normally I don’t condone drama, so if I were you I’d try to keep it simple and just state what she said as matter-of-factly as you can, ask him to be careful and use condoms, and leave it at that. It’s on his plate at that point and he can do with the information what he wants and you can rest assured you did all you could.Good luck.
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