What is the chance to get pregnant

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A woman who is sexually active who is not using any form of birth control has an 11 percent chance of conceiving each month. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-chance-to-get-pregnant ]
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Ok, firstly, breastfeeding is not a reliable natural contraceptive, however it does prevent the release of an egg each month so if you havent had a period yet, then you may be protected. But like i said its not reliable. There is a chance t…
you are a lot LESS likely to get pregnant if you have just finished your period. You need to worry if its approximately 2 weeks before you start your period. That is the time of ovulation (when your ovaries release a single egg into the ute…
A woman who is sexually active who is not using any form of birth control has an 11 percent chance of conceiving each month.

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Q: I don’t know if I am pregnant but I want to know what the chance of getting pregnant on the Mirena IUD is? I have had it for about a year and a half now and my fiance and I have s*x alot, (at least once a day.) I am having a few symptoms like nausea and tiredness but I don’t know if it’s just the flu or if I could be pregnant? I haven’t had a period since June 2009 which is very common with this type of IUD so I can’t really go by when the last date of my period was? PLEASE HELP?? THANKS!
A: Hi, i previously had the Mirena IUD in for 4 1/2 years. I got about 6 periods in the whole 4 1/2 years that i had the Mirena IUD in and my period would only last for about 2 days and it was always very light. I also had all the symptoms that u have, i cant remember how many pregnancy tests i did, because every couple of months i kept getting pregnancy symptoms. I am not trying to scare u or anything, but be careful with the Mirena IUD, everyone i talk to about the Mirena IUD i warn, i know so many people that have had it removed and have had nothing but problems after it and i am one of those people, after getting it removed last year July 2009, i was diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor told me it was from having the Mirena IUD and not getting a proper period every month, it causes all the folicles on my ovaries, 60 folicles to be exact, 30 on each ovary and because i didn;t get a proper period every month my ovaries r basicially screwed, I am trying for a child now and because of the Mirena it has stuffed my insides up, get some advice on it and read up on it and i can guarantee u that there r alot of women out there that have the same problem as me now after getting it removed, like i said, sorry to tell u this, but i would like to warn other women before it is to late for them.
What are my chances of getting pregnant? help please?
Q: I have been on birth control for about a year, and my period always comes on Thursday, 5 days after I start the sugar pill row and I begin taking the regular hormone pills while on my period. I recently had sex on the 4th day of my period. I believe the condom may have broken. Therefore, I took Plan B the next day, and started my next birth control pack that night (I use the combination pill) because it was the day I was supposed to, and Plan B encourages you to continue taking your regular contraceptives in combination with plan b. Call me silly for having a pregnancy scare as it appears I was well protected. However, if I did ovulate during my period, or shortly after, I fear there may be a chance the egg can get fertilized because sperm can live up to a week inside. Please do not tell me whether I am foolish or not, I just need real facts considering my specific circumstances and my chance of getting pregnant since it was during the sugar pills and not the hormonal ones.Thank you so much
A: You are obsessing way too much! Sorry to say that. You are not pregnant after all of this, if you are then it’s a miracle baby.
am i by any chance pregnant?PLEASE HELP ME!!!IN DESPERATE NEED!!!?
Q: k so on the 17th of december on my last day of my period i had sex with my bf and the next day went and took the plan b pill and after 5 days had a vaginal bleeding for 2-3 days maybe they say cuz of the pill but then after 2 weeks took a pregnancy test which came out negative and then after another 8 weeks of the incident took another preg test and a blood test both coming out negative and also after sex tht same night my stomach cramped too but in the 14th week of the incident i also got an ultrasound done and the technician said its nothing i can tell uve never been pregnant and ure not at the moment and i can tell ure about to end ure period which was true.after taking the plan b pill my preiods come every 4 weeks which used to every 3 before the pill and one time it also came after 5 weeks is that normal?and one time on the first day of my period i threw up but i was having a uti or yeast infection and was on antibiotic med so tht could be it ive heard but im not sure…and now its been 25 weeks and lately i was getting like last week or two weeks ago headaches cramping in the lower abdomin on the right side but then the other day all over i dont know was like period cramping when it had been 2 weeks since i finished my period and then also layed down on my stomach so my back started hurting and then today i felt a shortness of breath too i dont know im really scared am i by any chance pregnant and if not what could this all be cause of? and i also have an increase in vaginal discharge but all my periods always come normal get all the pms symptoms and they also last for 5-7 dayss…please help me out please my life depends on this!!!THANKS ALOT MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!thanks.i think i might be gaining weight too but its like my back and stomach both or maybe im just getting self cautious i dont know please help me out is there any chance i could be tht was the first and only time i had it and never after tht or before that can an ultrasound result ever be long the ultrasound hardly lasted 10 minutes!!!cuz she could see it so clearly i guess i dont know please please please help me out THANKS ALOT!!!also forgot to mention a month back felt vibrations in my lower left abdomin but then felt it in my leg so can that mean anything???
A: I dont think you are, if you have had all the tests and been to the dr’s & everything has come out as a negative, then im sorry but no
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