What is the longest pregnancy

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The longest pregnancy on record was eighteen years , however with an nonliving fetus. ~ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-longest-pregnancy ]
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What is the longest pregnantcy
After nine months the placenta starts to deteriorate, so the doctor will usually induce women who haven’t delivered by that time.
How long is their pregnancy? harbor seal – frequently asked quest…?
About 11 – 12 months. This includes a delayed implantation period of about 4 months. This means that the egg is fertilized but waits to develop until the seasonal conditions are favorable.
How long do elephant pregnancies last?
Roughly 22 months, (630-660 days). Elephants have the longest pregnancy period of any land mammal.

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What is the longest pregnancy for human being?
Q: Just wanted to know the about the woman out there that had the longest pregnancy. Longest labor would be cool to know as well.
A: longest pregnancy was 46 years by some old lady the baby died inside of her but remained there for 46 years it came out petrified
What is the longest pregnancy on record?
Q: My buddies wife is overdue, I kid him it might still be months until the baby is delivered.
A: Mar. 5, 1945 375 days instead of the normal 280
What is the record for the longest pregnancy of someone carrying twins?
A: I don’t know what the record is but a woman in my homebirthing group went to 43 weeks.
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