What signs would you have if you were two weeks pregnant

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Usually symptoms of nausea, morning sickness, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, sudden burst of appetite, food cravings. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-signs-would-you-have-if-you-were-two-weeks-pregnant ]
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What signs would you have if you were two weeks pregnant
Usually symptoms of nausea, morning sickness, extreme fatigue, loss of appetite, sudden burst of appetite, food cravings. ChaCha!
What are some signs of pregnancy in 2 weeks?
You have a lot less chance of being pregnant if he wore the condom before ejaculating. Although, it is also possible to get pregnant by having sex without a condom even though he did not ejaculate inside you since some of the semen may flow…
Are there any signs or symptoms that would be evident as early as…?
I took a pregnancy test two days before i expected a period and it came out positive. It doesnt detect as much hormone at that time so the line was light but present. I have been having cramping almost immediatly after conception. Have been…

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What are the chances of me being pregnant?
Q: First, I am not in HS and I would love it if I were pregnant! About 2 weeks ago I had sex with my boyfriend. Before he actually penetrated me, he cummed a couple of times. Then, he penetrated me without cumming inside of me it was only a couple of times. I usually spot after sex, which I did for a couple days. Then, the spotting stopped. Last week, I started spotting again and assumed my period was fixing to start…because thats the normal cycle. After about 4 days the spotting stopped. Two days ago, I thought again that my period would start. I was having major mood swings. I haven’t had any cramping…but I usually don’t. I talked to my bf and he said ‘surely you aren’t pregnany’. So now it got me majorly thinking! Would I already be showing signs of pregnancy after two weeks? What are the chances?
A: Actually the chances are high IMO. Even though he didn’t cum inside of oyu if there was any still lingering around on him and then he penetrated you it still gets inside. Although, I don’t think 2 weeks would be long enough for symptoms to start, and generally you would still have a period for this month.Perhaps oyur stressed out, or your diet has changed. Try taking a few pregnancy tests..if they come back negative make a dr. appt. to do blood work (just to be sure) then use a condom (unless your trying) or even birth control
Anyone ever had a missed period and negative tests and then found out you were pregnant? Like weeks later?
Q: My last period was June 21-23ish. I always start in the early 20’s of the month. I am NEVER late, NEVER even a day or two. It is now August 21 and no period. That would make me 4 weeks late. I have taken several pregnancy test, different brands and they are all negative. I don’t necessarily feel pregnant however, I am having occasional symptoms. I have a daughter, so I know what to look for. I called my doctor she said to wait a few weeks and call her back if I still have no period and negative tests. I just feel like something is not right. I don’t think I am pregnant but at the same time there is a little part of my mind that has me thinking about it occasionally. I don’t obsess over it, so the symptoms are not made up. I’m not overly stressed, not too much more than usual. I have a hectic schedule but I don’t believe that is related to my missed period.My question is…Has anyone ever had a missed period by a few weeks or months and had negative tests and found out they were pregnant? If so, how far along were you when you found out? Are these signs of something else? Maybe a tubal pregnancy, cysts, hormone issues? I don’t know what to think. I have read and read and read and cannot find any situation that is unique to mine. Anything helps….Thanks =)
A: With my first child I found out I was pregnant about 10 weeks into the pregnancy. Maybe wait another week and take another test. If it’s still negative, you should make an appointment to find out whats going on.
Why would I get a positve OPK when AF is two weeks late?
Q: I know I should just take a pregnancy test, but after 3 years off the pill and using no BC I refuse to believe I could all of a sudden be pregnant! So just to humor me, what do you think…Had cryosurgery for bad pap/abnormal cells on CD 30 expecting AF on CD 31 or 32 (usually very reliable). Anyway, I’m now CD 45 with no signs of AF. I assumed the procedure delayed AF (since on the day of the dr gave me a pregnancy test and it was negative). However I spoke to the medical assistant yesterday who said the procedure would NOT do that.So I went home and only had an OPK and I had heard if you are pregnant it would be positive. So I took it and sure enough it was positive. I’m going back for a follow up appt on my cryo in 3 days so I just figure I’ll wait and have the doctor do another PG test.But in the mean time my mind is going a thousand miles a minute wondering what if anything this OPk could mean??? Is this any indication I could be pregnant or totally unreliable?Well I took an HPT and it was negative. So to answer my own question…OPK’s are not a reliable source when trying to confirm pregnancy.
A: If you are 2 weeks late you’re either pg or you skipped a period and are getting ready to ovulate again. A pregnancy test at this point should give you an accurate answer. Just test! Good luck.
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