What vitamins should you take while pregnant

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Regular vitamins can be helpful. Vitamins with folic acid slims the chance of neural tube defect and iron can help anemia. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamins-should-you-take-while-pregnant ]
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What vitamins should you take while pregnant?
You should be taking a prenatal vitamin which is available at the drugstore. I used Materna and it was considered an excellent pre natal vitamin but it is expensive under $20, but I know you can also get other prenatal vitamins that are not…
Should i take vitamins while pregnant?
Definitely take your prenatals,but before you take ANYTHING else talk with your doctor first.i drank lots of water while i was pregnant,and she has a beautiful complexion.
Should you take vitamins while pregnant?
“There is a point at which you should start being careful about vitamin supplements — some are not recommended for use during pregnancy. Anyway, your OB should be able to fill you in. It should be possible to get everything you need…

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What Flintstone vitamins should I take/pregnant. Other suggestions? Please help, please Read?
Q: There are all kinds of flinstone vitamins, I don’t know which one is the right one to take? And I’m supposed to take two right? This is kind of long, but please read it, you might be able to help me. Plus you will probably find it an interesting story if you are preg. =)Okay, this is my second pregnancy, and I was constipated for all of the first pregnancy, and then after because I was taking the prenatals for nursing. I never knew untill this pregnancy that my prenatals were causing my problem. I stopped taking them when my daughter was 3 months old, and the constipation went away. Well, we got prgnant again when my daughter was 4 months. So, I am taking prenatals again. I am so constipated. Today is five days without a movement. I was like this throughout all of my last pregnancy and I don’t want to feel like crap 5 out of 7 days of the week when I am caring for a baby all day. And then there’s the hemorrhoids. I got them like 5 months into my first pregnany. My doctor told me there was nothing I could do about it. Infact, she and all my other doctors, told me that I could do absolutly nothing about constipaition during pregnancy, one even said that it should get worse. That’s why I never knew that it was just the prenatals. >=( So, I never recovered from the hemorrhoids, even when I was not constipaited for a few weeks. I have been constipaited for well over a year and suffering from hemorrhoids for almost 11 months. I am in pain all them time. When I have a movement the bowl fills with blood (well, not “fiils” lol) but there is quite a lot of it. Sorry to be graffic, but my movements are literally 3 inches in diameter. =( And my hemorrhoids are the size or marbles after I finally go!! I have been taking Phillips Milk Of Magnesia sinse last night with NO improvement. I know you are not supposed to take a laxative while pregnant, but a lot of people say that this is on their docs safe list. My doctor didn’t even give me a safe list. Thay said NOTHING is safe during pregnancy. Idiots. What should I do! I really need help. I did some research and found that I will need surgery to remove the hemorrhoids if they continue to get worse. My aunt just had to have a surgery for chronic constipation. I don’t wan’t that while i am pregnant. I have tried changing prenatals, and eating all kinds of vegatables. I even ate only vegatable for two weeks last pregnancy and drank a gal of water a day…nothing changed. I was drinking almost a gal of water a day every day last time. 1.) What worked for you?2.) What is on your safe list.3.) which flintstone vitamins can I take.With my first pregnancy, they told me I could not switch doctors because I had medical. I didn’t really look into it because all I cared about it having a healthy baby. Even though I didn’t like the doctors, it wansn’t that big of a deal. With this pregnancy I looked into my rights and I can infact switch dotors, and I have. I have not met my new doctor yet. I have an apt comming up very soon.
A: Take the ones for Fussy eaters (purple bottle i think) and pick up some folic acid as well. Oh and for constipation and what not, drink lemon tea, or hot water with a quarter of a lemon squeezed in.
What is the worst thing you did while pregnant?
Q: Here’s the bad things I’ve done:-ate sushi (though it was cooked)-ate deli meat. – I don’t take my vitamins like I should- I drank twice and smoked cigarettes. (but stopped both as soon as i found out i was pregnant **obviously i wasn’t trying**)- took a hot bathWhat is the worst thing you’ve done while pregnant? If it was a previous pregnancy, did everything turn out fine. of course, i don’t want to DO anything that could possible harm my baby, I’m just curious what everyone else has done and if your baby was healthy.
A: -didn’t take my vitamins because they made me violently ill.-drank several times before i knew i was pregnant.-got into a hot tub-ate rare meat-changed the litter box (someone had to do it!)-smoked, although i quit as soon as i found out i was pregnant-drank sodasi guess i ate deli meat too…i didn’t know until now it was bad for you while you were pregnant……and both my children were born healthy
Do you think the dha prenatal vitamin a must while pregnant?
Q: Im 27 weeks 2 days pregnant =D with a lil girl…. i used to take Expecta DHA…. on top of my prescribed prenatal vitamin, my doctor said I could take it but its not nessisary.I ran out like 2 weeks ago but not sure if i should buy some more… What do you think? would you keep taking it….
A: I don’t think that is necessary at all. Prenatal vitamins have all that they need to supply you and your little girl with the proper nutrients.It is just an extra cost that you shouldn’t be spending.I just took my prescribes vitamin and little girl is beautiful and healthy!
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