When does the new season of 16 and pregnant start

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Although it was announced that there will be a season 2, there has been no announcement about a date. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-does-the-new-season-of-16-and-pregnant-start ]
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When does the new season of 16 and pregnant start
Although it was announced that there will be a season 2, there has been no announcement about a date. ChaCha!
How to get on 16 and pregnant?
16 and Pregnant. Maci is the classic overachiever at her high school in Chattanooga,TN. She gets good grades, is on the cheerleading squad and plays softball. She keeps in touch with her wild side by riding dirt bikes. Her boyfriend Ryan……

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When does the new season start for these shows or do you know any new shows coming out that are good?
Q: It’s okay if you don’t know when all of them start. – Degrassi- 16 and Pregnant- Make it or Break it- Kendra I’m 15. I’m a girl. I like reality t.v. and dramas. Any suggestions on other good t.v. shows?
A: I don’t think there is a confirmed date for degrass season 9 yet, and the rest i don’t know either.If you really want to know, visit the site below, and search up the shows on it. There is a message board for each show (on the bottom of the pages) where people discuss everything about them on there.If there is any news about an air date, someone will have posted about it.————————————————————As for a new show Glee seems pretty good.For my recommendation, you should check out Skins. It’s a fantastic british drama. It does have some sexual content though, in case you don’t like that.May also like (all drama’s by the way)Gossip GirlThe Secret life of the american teenager10 things i hate about youFriday night lights (this show is excellent)
How Do You Feel About “Secret life of The American Teenager” Show?
Q: I’m really starting to be disappointed in this show especially with the new 2010 season. In the beginning when we find out that Amy is pregnant, everyone is shocked considering she is 16 and sex is mentioned but not often. Grace is this very contemporary girl who is a devoted christian and believe that sex should be within marriage. Majority of the other characters besides Adrian and Ricky do have sex but its not shocking.Now with this new season, sex is every other word and they make it seem like its an activity. They are making sex have this pointless meaning and just something do to. Everyone besides Amy, wants to have sex and they do not care who it really is. The producer of the show produced 7th heaven-a show a family could watch. This show is really only for adults and probably shouldn’t be shown on abc Family. What do yall think?No, its making every teenager think its okay to have sex with whom ever and to believe their are no consequences. It’s not attractive.It’s call the secret life of the american teenager ..not teenagers. Yes teens do have sex, but this show portrays that its okay to do it whenever and with anyone who wants to. Most teens who do have sex regret it later on in life. It seemed like the show would be about how difficult it is to be a teen mom and you should consider the consequences of having sex…but Amy still seems to have it easy.LunaKitty, I competely agree with you 100%. Especially with the whole response about Grace…she was the great role model and I don’t understand why did not leave her that way. The show has become disappointing
A: I agree, it is not even entertaining when every character has sex or wants to have sex with every other character. It was an interesting idea but it’s not even remotely realistic anymore. And the only word they ever say is ‘sex.’ My sister and I counted the number of times they said it in one episode and the result was 69. :PThe most frustrating thing is how they make it seem like EVERY teen is concerned with sex. Not everyone is like that. We know nothing about the characters other than their family lives and their sex lives : / And once Grace lost her virginity, they took away the role model she was, so there is no longer a lesson to learn from the show (yes, Amy got pregnant, but she had two guys after her! That doesn’t happen : / )
Some great television shows…? Are there any?
Q: Anyone have some good TV recommendations?I love the show NCIS. I’ve seen almost every episode and love every one. This is pretty much the only show that I don’t mind watching repeats of, and that I religiously watch the new episodes EVERY week. And it’s new spin-off NCIS LA is pretty good too.I love the show, Glee. I just recently started watching it and have fallen in love with it.I used to love Two & a Half Men, but the newer episodes really aren’t as great as the old ones.I also used to watch House but there’s only so much you can take before it gets old. I mean it’s too predictable for me, although I did enjoy the season premiere this year.I like watching Futurama, the Simpsons, American Dad… sometimes SouthPark, and I watch new episodes of Family Guy.I started watching Accidentally on Purpose, it’s alright.I liked Sabrina the Teenage Witch (lol), Boy Meets World, One on One, That 70’s Show, & Gilmore Girls. I used to be obsessed with the show Providence, it was on NBC.I’ve heard good things about The Middle but I haven’t seen it yet. I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kendra, Girls Next Door (used to, the new girls aren’t as cool)I watched 16 & Pregnant on MTV. Now I watch Teen Mom, and I watch Jersey Shore just to laugh at it : ) I watch True Life when it’s interesting, and sometimes Cribs if I’m bored.Anyway, what shows do you guys like? It can be an old show that’s not on anymore, or a new one… whatever you like
A: My favorites are Grey’s AnatomySmallvilleFriendsand The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
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