When u get pregnant how long until u throw up

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You could get sick right away. Some women start experiencing morning sickness at two months. Some women do not get sick at all. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-u-get-pregnant-how-long-until-u-throw-up ]
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When u get pregnant how long until u throw up
You could get sick right away. Some women start experiencing morning sickness at two months. Some women do not get sick at all.

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medical leave while pregnant… long but please help !!!?
Q: hi i am almost 15 weeks now and i worked for my mom …. doing hard labor lifting things over 50 lbs and what not when i told her i was pregnant she tried to get me a job in the office …. i never got it cause work is slow she told me how sorry she was and would help me find another job cause work doesn’t pick back up until 3 months before i am due …. i need 600 hours to get mat leave and i can’t find a job any where the only thing i no how to do is cook as i have a chef license but the hours are until 3 am and i can’t stay awake that long and every time i leave my house i get sick ….. i never get better. i started with a cold then flu then body aches then throwing up not morning sickness just sick and now i cant get rid of this headache it’s been going on for about a month now and i am not getting any better i get to see my dr on Monday but after all that being said cause i couldn’t find i job i called to find out what would happen if i don’t get mat leave ….. they told me that if i was sick then my dr could put me on sick leave …. i have 24 weeks left of being pregnant so they said if my dr writes me a note saying a can’t work then they would pay me 15 weeks sick leave …. i am worried cause i have used almost all my money that i saved to buy baby stuff and pay bills i haven’t worked in almost four months and my husband just got laid off his 2ed job so now i am worried about finding a job, getting even sicker and never better worried about the baby and money i can’t stop stressing …. so really if i tell my dr all this do u think he will give me a note if a ask for it i have been going crazy thinking how should i ask him i don’t wanna look like a bad mom and that i can’t afford the baby but i have everything for baby even diapers until its 4 months ……………what should i do ??? please helpi understand how it all works i have only enough hours for 15 weeks of sick leave i wont get mat leave ….but this is they only way i will get money … i need to work 600 more hours to get mat leave …. i was hoping someone else when through something like this and can help me …. i just don’t no what to do it’s get the note for 15 weeks or nothing …. i just think if i ask him and he says no i wont be able to stop crying ….fu(k you alyssa’s mommy … i am not doind anything wrong …. ei told me to do this …. wasn’t my idea they said that was my only hope …. plus it still leave me with no fucking money for another 10 weeks …… before they would give it to me i hope that something happens to u where someone shits on u when ur feeling this low i didn’t ask for people to be bitches to me i asked if anyone has gone trought this and had it happen ….. and i could puke and work doesn’t bug me it;s no one is hiring i have been even starbucks work isn’t easy to find so thanks tips
A: I’m going to be honest with you.. I doubt your doctor is going to write that note. I was throwing up at least 4 times a day, in and out of the hospital for dehydration and he even prescribed me multiple anti nausea medicines and I lost 24 lbs and he still wouldn’t write me a not for missing any work and I am in a high risk pregnancy.. You’re doctor isn’t just going to say ok you’ve thrown up just like every other pregnant woman I’m going to give you a note to excuse it.. I would contact unemployment if I were you and go from there. If you were laid off you can legally collect unemployment compensation but if you quit or got fired you can’t. It sounds like you were laid off but the other thing is, if you’re so sick you won’t be able to collect because you have to be willing and able to work in order to collect the payments. Your husband is also eligible for unemployment since he was laid off. That way you both have an income and unemployment will help get you both a job that you can work.
Please help, i need to know!!!!!!!!?
Q: well, to start off me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for a little over 2 years.we haven’t been following any particular procedure just we have been intimate hoping nature takes its course. i am a little over weight and my weight fluctuates over time. well i also have crazy periods, i first got my period when i was 16 and the are very irregular. but here recently about a month ago i was having spotting, it was either reddish brown to pink to a light red, it lasted a few days. on and off. and after sex i would spot. well about 4 weeks (up until now) ago the symptoms started, my boobs would tingle a little, not bad,(now my nippels hurt real bad and are always hard, the dont look darker, also my breast used to be firm now they feel kinda i dont know how to explain but maybe a little jello like??? i guess that is how u would explain it) i was moody, cramping and got bad headaches here recently i can hardly keep my eyes open past 2 in the afternoon, i cant sleep good at night witch is not unusual, i have never been good at sleeping at night. about 2 weeks ago i started getting so sick to my stomach, i thought i was getting a cold, my face was puffy, my head hurt, i took medicine and it eventually went away, but the sick to my stomach didn’t go away, i would wake up in the morning and be sick like i was going to throw up, my brother had been staying over and he woke up not long after i did and came in to the living room, he lit a cigarette and i almost puked from the smell, (i smoke also so it never bothered me before) well cretin foods i loved to eat i couldn’t eat any more, since my husband went out of town i bought food that would be fast and easy to cook. i couldn’t eat a corn dog, and those are my favorite….chicken made me Nassau, pizza, cheese, tea and i love sweat tea, even the smell of some of these foods made me so sick….also i have been moody, i got mad at my brother over something so stupid i broke a plate…and then yelled at my husband for calling me. also i have been crying over movies i have watched a million times and never had cried before, i cried like a little baby when in one movie a girl caught a kitchen on fire by accident!!!!!!! well like i have said i have been trying for a little over 2 years (i am also 22 years old close to 23) i have had symptoms of pregnancy in the past but no luck, i have also had symptoms of miscarriages in the past but never knew…….well last week i took a pregnancy test, it said negative…..later when i read the instructions it said to pee on the stick for 5 seconds, i didn’t i peed on it for 25 seconds, (i thought that was how long it was it used to be but it changed) and i took it a night. so i am wondering am i pregnant, i wont be able to go till this weekend to get a home pregnancy test. i know i have wrote alot but i am really wanting to start a family, it kills me every time i get a negative…also, i haven’t taken any pre natal vitamins, since i don’t know if i am preggers or not, but cut my hair 2 weeks ago and it has already grown out an inch…it usually takes my hair over a month to even grow that long, and my nails are long as all get out, i always bite my nails cause there week and i hate it when thwy chip, now they are longer then they have ever been and stronger and prettier….i just cut them about a week ago…..so what do u think?
A: It really sounds like you are having a lot of pregnancy symptoms. Can you call your doctor for a urine or blood test? Then you could know before the weekend. GOod luck to you and lots of baby dust!
why is my mum making me feel so bad?
Q: well hes how the story goes……………sorry its so long…..i was with my ex for 4 years, got pregnant he threw me out, i moved back home with my mum and her fella (not my dad!) in 2005,i lived with her all through my pregnancy and also stayed there when he was born. she moved to spain when when he were 10 months old in 2006 and i decided to go with them, i stayed there for 7 months until i got together with the estate agent fella that sold my mums house in u.k!! he was great with my boy and is now brining him up as his own son, we dated and got marrried pretty quickly, i moved to u.k for 3 months but once married we decided to give it a go and move to spain permently…………. this was in september 2007, we another baby november 2008, we got together, got married and had a baby all within 1 year and 4 months!! but we are happy and feel we were ment to meet he is a great dad and treats my son no different to our own, my mum has no problem with my husband she thinks his great, i couldnt ask for better not many men would put up with my family!! although at xmas we decided we want to move back to the u.k as spain not for us, we live in the same building as my mum and her fella, which can sometimes be too much! she has not been happy since i told her we are going back, saying she bought my son up with my before my husband come along and that im taking him away from her, she worked all day! i was a single parent doing the bringing up ,she was just the grandma helping out lots!! and she keeps saying he wont remember her, and telling him that and other stuff also his 3yrs old so understands, and also saying to my 12 week old baby you wont remember nanny when your older but ill come and vist ……….. and how i dont understand how shes feeling??? and that i should never had moved here i shouldve stayed in u.k?? the way i look at it i wouldnt of had my baby if thats the case so im glad i come, we now feel we need to go back because my husband has been offered a good job, and i want a nice house an garden for kids, and for them to have nice things, as we live in a flat at present and theres no work here we cant be here as we are struggling to pay rent, but my mum dont get all this she thinks im taking the boys away from her and making me feel guilty but why should i stay for her??? help me? we are always arguing about this and she says im selfish??? am i???my mum said to me yesterday in an everyday argument……………… if it wasnt for the boys i wouldnt bother seeing you! look at my resolved question i asked yesterday about her usless fellashe used to be a great mum and now since being with him has changed?? why oh.. why?it very hard to talk to her as he is always around, hes her shadow and thinks he should be involved in everything she says and does, i said to my mum yesterday i want to talk to you on your own bout how im feeling and he butted in and sain well what about me………. i cant even have a relationship with my mum it horriable
A: Your mum doesn’t want you to go obviously because she will miss you all, but she was the one who decided to move there in the first place and you saying you decided to join her says to me that she was going and leaving you with your baby in the first place so to carry on like this is not really on. I would write down your feelings in a letter and explain how much she is upsetting you but you do have to think of your children first. Spain is not that far surely you can all visit each other and with email and mobiles etc its easy to stay in touch. My mum lives abroad but I am sure I see more of her now than when she lived here! The children know her and remember her and no you are not being selfish she is.
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