When you’re pregnant does your body know if you’re having twins

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Many women — but not all — who are pregnant with twins have more intense pregnancy symptoms, likely due to the extra hormones. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-you%27re-pregnant-does-your-body-know-if-you%27re-having-twins ]
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When you’re pregnant does your body know if you’re having twins?
Many women — but not all — who are pregnant with twins have more intense pregnancy symptoms, likely due to the extra hormones.

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Has anyone read this??? its a must read (u’ll need tissues)?
Q: “Even when Lynn Page felt she’d lost everything, she still had something invaluable to give. Bonnie Rochman tells the story of a mother’s devotion and the little-known network of medical miracle workers that’s quietly helping the babies who need help most.Lynn Page was 37, and a pediatric psychologist—old enough for things to go badly with her pregnancy and informed enough to know it. So during her first ultrasound, when the doctor’s face suddenly fell and he told her she could get dressed, her heart was hammering as she asked, “What’s wrong?” This was November 2006. Lynn was alone at the appointment. She and her husband, Chris, live in Norfolk, Virginia, but Chris, a 19-year navy man and chief petty officer on the submarine USS Boise, was underwater somewhere in the Pacific. When Lynn had learned she was expecting, she’d sent off a package to his next port, in Japan: licorice, M&M’s, and a dad’s guide to pregnancy called My Boys Can Swim! If the doctor was about to give her horrible news, she wanted Chris with her. But the doctor surprised her. “There’s nothing wrong,” he said. “There’s just three.”Three! Lynn didn’t know what to say. Triplets was a possibility she’d never considered. Twins, sure; she’s a twin herself, and there were others in her family, on both sides. No one in her family had ever given birth to triplets, though. As the doctor began describing how hard it would be to carry three babies in one body, Lynn tried to keep her shock from turning to panic. There was scant hope that she would carry a full 40 weeks. Triplets are more likely to be delivered around 32 weeks and are at greater risk for serious health complications. Despite the risks, though, Lynn and Chris convinced themselves that everything would be all right. Maybe it was a necessary defense mechanism, or maybe willful naïveté, but they decided to be optimistic. In mid-February, the navy sent Chris home to be with Lynn. Lynn started shopping, cautiously picking out onesies. And at an appointment on March 5, when she was just past 20 weeks, it seemed their optimism was well-founded. “You’re doing great,” the doctor said. But before two weeks had passed, Lynn began having back pain. She went straight to Portsmouth Naval Medical Center, where she discovered that the pain was actually contractions. Five days later, on March 22, 2007, her water broke. She was 23 weeks pregnant, barely halfway there.Seth and Rowan, brother and sister, were born first. Within 24 hours, both died, of “extreme prematurity,” yet Lynn and Chris hardly had time to grieve. They had a third baby—Reese Magdelyn—to worry about. In her work, Lynn treated children with serious medical conditions, and had often counseled families whose infants had landed in neonatal intensive care units. She had helped parents deal with the stress, the high highs and low lows. It was different when it was your own child, though.Reese weighed 1 pound, 4 ounces. Head to toe, she measured just over 11 inches. Her arms were the circumference of a tube of penne pasta. When Lynn was released from the hospital on March 23, Reese stayed. When Lynn went back to work on April 2, Reese was still there. The Pages had no idea when they’d be able to bring their daughter home to their little white house with its green shutters and picket fence.When a baby is born so early, there isn’t much a parent can do—a truth that Lynn relearned each day when she went to the hospital to sit beside Reese. She couldn’t pick her up. She couldn’t rock her and cup her head in the palm of her hand. She couldn’t kiss her forehead or whisper in her ear. She couldn’t cradle her to her chest and feed her. But she could make sure that the milk her body was making would be ready and waiting for Reese to be fed.From the moment she learned she was carrying triplets, Lynn knew there was a good chance the babies would have to fight for their lives. And she knew she could increase their odds by breastfeeding. Reese wasn’t strong enough to nurse now, but the doctors believed she would be someday. So from the day Reese was born, Lynn began pumping breast milk. Wherever she went, she lugged her pump; it was like another appendage. A woman who pumps is said to be expressing her milk. For Lynn, it was one of the few physical ways she could express her love.Though about 74 percent of American mothers start off breastfeeding, only about 12 percent are still nursing exclusively by the time their child is six months old, despite position statements from every major pediatric, family health, and public health organization that babies do best if they’re fed only breast milk for six months and continue to nurse until at least their first birthday.Human milk for human babies—that’s how lactation experts sum it up. Although babies can and do thrive on formula, most formula is derived from cow’s milk, and then—to make it resemble the composition of human milk—augmented with corn syrup, sugar, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable oils. Buthere’s the link http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/200903_omag_donate_milkactually THIS is the link (sorry)http://www.oprah.com/article/omagazine/200903_omag_milk_bankthe story was too long to put all of it on here – but DEF click the (bottom) link and read the rest – I CRIED MY EYES OUT!
A: Aw wow. That’s pretty amazing. I cried my eyes out too.
What the hell happened?
Q: I’ve asked a similar question to this, I’m adding some more details for you guys.Please don’t complain if I write to much, Im asking for advice, and Im in so much pain.My mum made a comment to me today, and it’s really upset me. When I was 12, on christmas day my mum and dad split up. I lived with him until I was sixteen and left school, because he’d hurt me so much and pushed me so far into a corner I couldn’t stay there anymore.”When you were born your dad didn’t stop smiling for weeks”She told me he really wanted a daughter when he found out she was pregnant, he was so happy to have a little girl the day I was born, because he hadn’t known the sex.He played all his favrioute albums to me growing up. AC/DC The Rolling Stones, and his favrioute the Sex Pistols. He’d been a punk growing up he never did what people told him to because he had his own opinion. He told me that when I was older I’d really appreciate that kind of music, when I was nine I decided I wanted to be a goth and he loved it, talked about wanted to take me to rock shows when I was big enough. Yet when he got remarried he hated me for it, told me to grow out of it, that wearing black all day was pointless, why cant you be like all the other girls, noone likes you becuse your different.As I was growing up he told me how I could be anything in the world, how beautiful I was, how he was always proud of me. When he married HER he changed, I was overweight -im a UK six btw- and ugly, how I looked five months pregnant when my RIBS stick out of the front of my body, how I’d never amount to anything.Everything changed when he got remarried. He didnt want anything to do with me, I wasnt allowed to go to college I wasnt allowed to have my only friend around because she was a ‘bad influence’ when infct she helped me through so much. He hates me now, I havent done anything wrong, when I had a massive asthma attack and was in hospital for over a week he called twice, a few days after i was discharged he came down to see my brother and didnt even ask about me.When I was fifteen he found cuts from self harming on my arms, he threw me on the floor in anger and screamed and shouted at me. He never let me forget how much of a faliure I am. I just needed his help, I just wanted his love and attention.There is alot more that happened, this is just a tiny exampleI just dont understand, he loved me so much growing up, why did he begin to hate me when he got re-married.ADDITIONALI’ve talked alot with my mum about this. She thinks because my step mother doesnt have her own children its sent her abit loopy. Most people tell me to just forget about him, its not that simple. He’s my DAD, he wont be at my wedding day, at my graduation from university -college is free in the UK until your nineteen- he wont meet my children. It’s made me insecure in relationships, afraid and untrustworthy in most aspects of life.I have tried so very hard to explain this to him, even to the point of sending him songs he played me as a childI’ve written him letters, phonecalls, emails, texts. He either gives me snobby replies or doesnt reply at all. He’s sold anything I’ve left behind.Theres a quote from him that sticks firmly in my mind, One day you’ll come home and I wont be here, and when I come back I’ll get Catherine -his wife- and leave and I wont come back.At christmas he brought her a sports car and sent me a shitty card. He doesnt pay his maintenece on time and on my birthday he brought her a new sofa and told my brother in an email. He ignored my 18th.And someone asked if I look like my mum, Im a splitting image of her, right down to my skin type. If she looked younger we’d proberbly pass as twins :/ Actually the only difference is our eye colour, mine are green whereas hers are brown.And the reason Im asking on here is because sometimes people who dont know you, have a better look on something.
A: sorry to be the bearer of bad news…. been there done that. just dont think it was quite that bad. he didnt want anything to do with me. didnt call. didnt pay child support. what birthday? he only cared about his wife….REDICULOUS…. pissed me off. although i was his only girl i think she was jealous cuz she had 2 boys.so i never saw my dad b/c of her! Luckily when i got older,lol, i decided i wanted to “get to know my dad” whom i have loved and hated now for so many years. Nothing could ever take back the longing, the hurt, that i felt when i was younger. i just wanted my dad. ya know? well i called him one day and we went out to eat… we did after that maybe once a month. we did live an hour apart. found out in sep(07) that he had als. he passed may(08) a little piece of me died with him. i was always with him even though he “wasnt with me” now i kno whe is always with me, his only babygirl. good luck. its gonna be a rough ride.
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