Why do pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream

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“If a woman has been raised to believe that during pregnancy one craves pickles, then she’s likely to crave pickles,” chacha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-pregnant-women-crave-pickles-and-ice-cream ]
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Why Do Some Pregnant Women Crave Pickles and Ice Cream??
No one really knows why some pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream, or any other seemingly strange food combination. There are a number of theories about pregnancy cravings, but it has been difficult to pin down a solid biological or p…
Do you know why pregnant women crave for pickles and ice cream??
Pregnant women are famous for their midnight yearnings for pickles and ice cream. And the desire for chocolates is the stuff of legend. It’s tempting to believe –as many people do –that cravings are the body’s way of telling us that we are …

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why do people say that pregnant women crave?
Q: pickles and ice cream is it because of the sweet and sour complex or something?or just that it would be strange and nasty..i mean do you really think they really eat it…wait i just thought of something else…if they eat it, do you think they eat it together like dipping your pickle in ice cream. or do they just mean that those two seperate things are common things pregnant women crave…
A: Those are common cravings, the salty/sour and sweet. I think they are usually craved separately…I never craved either though. My cravings were cereal, chocolate milk and french fries (separately, not together).
Is it possible to be pregnant and still have your menstrual cycle?
Q: How many of you hear a story about a women that someone know that was pregnant but still got her monthly cycle?I have and was shock when I hear these story… Cause most of these women didn’t even know that they are pregnant until it’s late in the pregnancy. Well anyway the reason why I’m asking you this question in cause I might be in the 5 or 10% of women who get their menstrual cycle while pregnant. And I want your opinion about this.ok what been going on with me lately for starter I want to tell that I just went off my cycle two day ago. but for a month and half I been have weird food craving ( pickle and ice cream or pickle with everything, or last night and today I ate taco meat with sour cream and animal cracker.) mood changes,breast aching, muitl trip to the rest room , queasy, sensitivity of smell, exhausted,lightheaded and dizziness.my mother , grandmother, aunt and boyfriend believe that I’m pregnant they all said to me that my hip spreading and my face is fat or full and etc. Old Wives Tales: Say if I your husband/ boyfriend is sleeping a lot your pregnant and If some one have a dream about death then someone is pregnant. well he sleeping a lot and my cousin had a dream three week ago. what do you think? Since I had my cycle I don’t believe that I’m am and I want some outside advice.
A: absolutely, with both my pregnancies I did not miss my first period until the 4th and 5th month.
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