How can I have a lucid dream

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The main prerequisite for having lucid dreams is above average dream recall. Although it may at first not seem like it, MORE? [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Be motivated and remember. The most important part of learning to lucid dream is to be motivated the… ・ 2 Make pre-sleep suggestions. As you begin to drift into sleep, repeat a request or mantra for the direction… ・ 3 Question frequ…
Follow one of the many techniques like MILD or WILD to induce lucid dreams. Keep a dream journal and record all dreams. Steps to Improving Lucid Dreaming 1. Throughout the day, while you are awake, ask yourself, “Is this a dream?”…
・ During the day repeatedly ask ‘Am I dreaming?’ and perform some reality checks whenever you remember… ・ Keep a dream journal . This is perhaps the most important step towards lucid dreaming. Keep it close… ・ Learn the best time to ha…

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How do you keep a lucid dream going? How do you make it last longer?
Q: Every time I have a lucid dream, it seems to end just as I am beginning to do what I really wanted to do in the dream. It’s like I am having a regular dream, then I realize it’s a lucid dream. By the time I realize it’s a lucid dream, there’s not enough time left to do all that I wanted. Then I try to resist waking up, but it doesn’t work. Then I try to fall back to sleep. If I manage to fall back asleep, I never get to continue the same dream, it’s always a new dream. I try to revisit the scenario that I wanted, but I end up in another dream. How can I keep the dream going longer?How can I revisit the same dreams?How can I increase the frequency of lucid dreams? Is it possible to always have lucid dreams? I do have a lot of them.
A: I also have lucid dreams.One way to tell if you are having one or not is to look at your hand in the dream; your hand will look blurry or will have extra fingers on it. (Sounds bizarre, but is true…)When you realize that you are having a lucid dream and feel it slipping away, start to spin or turn around quickly, this sometimes works for me.Good luck!
How can I start dreaming, so I can lucid dream?
Q: I want to start to lucid dream, but I cant remember any dreams I have any more. So I decided to start a dream journel (If I ever remember anything). Anyone have any other tips on how I can start dreaming again / remembering them again?Or any tips on lucid dreaming?
A: Well you are supposed to wake up naturally, and not by your mom (like me) or by an alarm clock. Unfortunately, this prevent several people from remembering their dreams due to school and stuff. Once you have naturally woken up, you have to remain in bed and try to remember what you dreamed. Just try and remember. I’ve tried both of these steps and found that they actually work!Once you remember, you can get out your journal and write what occurred in your dream, and what you think it means.-Good Luck, hope I helped!
How can i cause myself to have a lucid dream most affectively?
Q: I just found this website about lucid dreaming and all of it seems a little hard to do. What sort of techniques do u think would be best to induce a lucid dream or stay consious as u fall asleep?
A: There are a few tricks you can use. The one that worked for me was, look at a clock, look away, then look back. If it’s changed by more than 1 minute, you’re dreaming. Granted, I did have to practice this while awake, but after getting into the habit of doing that anytime I saw a clock, it came pretty quickly in my dreams. Another one is kinda the same, but has to do with reading. Read a few words, look away, and then read them again. If they’ve changed, you’re dreaming. Another one is if, when you hit a light switch, nothing happens (assuming there hasn’t been a power outage), then you’re dreaming.If you want to see a trippy movie on dreams/lucid dreams, check out the movie Waking Life.
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