How can one lucid dream

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If you recall your dreams you can begin immediately with two simple techniques for stimulating lucid dreams. Lucid dreamers MORE [ Source: ]
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How does one get a lucid dream?
Don’t laugh but it has worked many times for me. I ate a big piece of raspberry or blackberry pie just before bed. I swear to you, I would really have vivid dreams. Good luck and enjoy.
Who had a lucid dream! Help I want one.
I always recommend a site: They teach one technique – binaural beats. thats what got me into lucid dreaming…among other cool things – so I would suggest to learn about that and to try out the old “dream j…
How can I use Lucid Dreams to read 1 million words per minute??
To reach speeds as high as 1 million words per minute a computer program that can show 30 frames each second with 550 words must be developed. Such plans are in place, but no programming has been started yet (If anyone wants to assist in th…

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How do I have a lucid dream in one week?
Q: I want to learn how to have lucid dreams. I’ve been reading about them for so long now and really want to have one. Is there any method to learning to have one fast? I tried once and was keeping a journal and my dream recall got better every day and dreams became two pages long but gave up after about 3 days. How do I motivate myself again?
A: well mate try vitamin B12 and keep on with the dream journal, start looking for signs that make you notice that you are dreaming, if you keep trying to wake in your dream, you will become aware that you are dreaming and wake, but caution, don’t get too excited, if so you might start slipping away from the dream and wakebest ov luck
How to have a lucid dream when you want to have one?
Q: I often have lucid dreams from time to time. Does anyone know how to control them? It is really awesome to control what you are thinking of while sleeping.
A: Having lucid dreams at will is very difficult, and it takes years of practice unless you have a natural talent for lucid dreaming.There are many induction techniques out there, but you need to find the one(s) that work for you. My tips to you is to start keeping a dream journal. It increases your dream recall, which is a must for all lucid dreamers. Then, think of what makes you lucid in your dreams already. Because you already have lucid dreams, the best way for you to get them more often is probably to “customize” your own lucid dreaming induction technique as you already have an idea of what makes you lucid. I don’t know how much you know about lucid dreaming already or if you are familiar with induction techniques, but here are a few links and forums which will help you
While having a lucid dream, what would happen if one, sold ones soul to the devil?
Q: I was curious. If I sold my soul to the devil in a lucid dream, does my soul belong to him?
A: it’s a dream, nuff said.
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