How can someone gain self respect

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To gain self-respect, do things that make you proud of yourself and stick to your own morals, standards and opinions. [ Source: ]
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How to gain self respect
Self respect is not related to how people perceive you, to your achievements or to your public image but instead it comes from within. There are celebrities and famous people who don’t have any self respect towards themselves and they even …
How can I gain my self-respect back?
Kevin R. is right. It’s not about the 10 pounds. He’s just looking for an excuse to leave you without admitting to himself that he failed as a husband. He chose the 10 pounds as a pretext because women are trained from birth to believe that…
How to Learn to gain your self respect
・ 1 Decide it’s time to live your life to the fullest. Decide that you are tired of only taking place…. ・ 2 Buy the book – “Dare to be Yourself” by Alan Cohen. ・ 3 Read it, and tell me it doesn’t change your outlook on your life…

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How can Muslims gain self respect infront of non Muslims?
Q: Ok I no the A but I wanna hear it from u, so plz lighten me up may be u help others inshallah.
A: salam Hanabee we should believe that the self respect and disrespect (insulting) is 4m the treasures of Allah and he is the only 1 who create this in the mined of peoples according 2 ur amal just U have 2 believe that what allah said ( قل اللهم مالك الملك تؤ تي الملك من تشاء وتنزع الملك ممن تشاء وتعز من تشاء وتذل من تشاء بيدك الخير … )
A friend has become addicted to chatlines to hook up with men for sex- how can he gain more self-respect?
Q: He constantly seems to use them to get sex from men whenever he’s on his own. Ive tried to help him to focus on other things, and get counselling, but its not working. What can he do to have more self-respect? Any outsider advice!?
A: He needs to gain self-esteem first.
How do I gain self respect back for myself?
Q: I’m 43yrs going to be 44 this month and at one time in my life I had a strong hold on my life. Now I feel like I don’t anymore I have a-lot of people around me now that pushes me around and just takes advantages of me and my kind heart that I have. I’m a very caring person and would do anything for someone and I feel my heart gets steps on a-lot and I allow it. I didn’t use to be this way I use to be very strong and stand so proud! how do I gain my self respect back! thanks for your answers.
A: i don’t think its self respect that you need to gain back.i think you already have self respect because you said yourself – you know who you are, your a caring person who will do something for anybody.just because your not as ‘stubborn’ or not as ‘easy giving’ as you used to be does not mean you have no self respect.If you want to feel more in power of your life – only do things you want to do… and if you really dont want to help someone do something – you shouldnt be oblidged to do so.its your should be proud you are a caring person.i would be.
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