How can you be tested for depression

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Signs of depression: a bleak outlook, loss of interest in daily activities, Appetite or weight changes, Sleep changes, MORE? [ Source: ]
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How to Test for Depression
・ 1 Record your feelings in a notebook. Depression may cause feelings of intense sadness or despair. You… ・ 2 Watch for dramatic changes in appetite. You may have a poor appetite or you may over overeat. Sometimes… ・ 3 Weigh yourself on…
Can a Blood Test Predict Postpartum Depression??
Measuring hormone levels produced by the placenta during pregnancy may predict whether a woman is likely to develop postpartum depression, suggests a report published in the Archives of General Psychiatry Approximately 13 percent of women w…
Do you go to your family doctor to get tested for depression??
Yes, I would believe so. They would then evaluate it, and see if you need to talk to a counselor.

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do you go to your family doctor to get tested for depression?
Q: if i want to get tested for depression.. do i just go to my family doctor?
A: Yes, I would believe so. They would then evaluate it, and see if you need to talk to a counselor.
I was tested for depression, How long does a blood test take for results to show?
Q: I was tested like a little more than two weeks ago and still haven’t gotten any results. =/I thought they tested blood for depression by checking the serotonin thing?
A: They don’t have a blood test for depression itself. Its a CBC test that tests all aspects of your blood, seeing if there are any levels that are too high or low, which causes an imbalance, which would cause the depression. If the lab is really busy, it can take up to 3 weeks. But especially since the holidays are here, it could take even longer. good luck!
How to ask your mom if you can be tested for depression?
Q: i’ve had increasing suicide thoughts for about the last year. when she found out i was cutting she went crazy i don’t blame her. i need help and i can’t talk to her or any of my friends. everyone tells me that i should see a doctor and i could qualify for manic depression. how can i ask my mom to let me see a doctor to see if i do qualify or what i can do please help
A: “Mom, can I be tested for depression.”(You’d be surprised- she may want you to see a doctor, but doesn’t know how to ask YOU. And if that doesn’t work, tell her you have a bad sore throat and need to see the doctor, and if you go in by yourself, tell your doctor what is up and ask him/her to recommend to your mother that you see someone. And ask your doctor to recommend someone who they respect.)
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