How do you help a friend that is depressed

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Help a depressed friend by just listening & letting them know you care, offer to make an appointment to see a counselor & go with.
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・ 1 The first step in helping someone deal with depression is recognizing that in fact they are depressed… ・ 2 If your friend has experienced recent trauma, and you haven’t seen them around lately stop bye or give… ・ 3 Sometimes just th…
If he’s already seeing a counselor and taking medicine for it, then the best way you can help is just to be there if he needs to talk to someone and wants to talk to you. The medicine usually takes a while before it kicks in and he starts f…
Depression plays tricks on people, making them see themselves, other people and the world in a negative way. Your friend’s perspective on life might be foggy and instead of looking forward to the future, your friend might be feeling hopel…

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How do deal with complaining and depressed friend?
Q: I have a friend that does stupid things and always complains. Maybe she’s depressed, but I’m running out of tolerance.She left her boyfriend she loved for another guy who just wanted sex. Then she decided it was dumb and tried to get back together with her ex, but he said no.She kept hanging out with sex guy even though he told her exactly what he was in it for She won’t leave him even though she’s unhappy and complains all the time.She’s almost failing school, even though she’s smart and could do fine.She drinks by herself & tells everyone about it always.She complains to me on IM all day while I’m at work. I have to have it on to communicate w co-workers who work at home.If you offer to do things with her she won’t go out.I want to help her; it’s affecting my life in a negative way. She’s already seeing a therapist. I’m sick of it and can’t help her since she won’t do anything about it. I’m tired of it and it’s affecting my life and work. How should I deal with this?
A: While it is said misery loves comany, the quote doesn’t say that the company loves misery. I would simply establish some rules, and also disclose to her the same thing you have in your question and information….You are running out of tolerance. I would recommend the following:a. Tell her not to IM you until after 8 p.m. when you should be thru with work contacts.b. Tell her to discuss issues with her therapist and keep them confidential and elude to the fact that they are not your business.c. For your sanity, don’t adopt other people’s problems. She sounds like she is a whiner, and since that mode is her preference, you should point it out as I suggested, and remember it for your sake, and avoid it.d. Disengage some. Get yourself some space and let her deal with these problems herself, particularly since she makes choices to continue the very problems in her life that she doesn’t like.e. Use generic lines and don’t give in…The best one is I’m sorry but I just don’t have time for this right now….After about ten or thirty of these lines if she doesn’t get the hint…Well, cut her loose and use your time for friends that provide a more healthy relationship for you to be in and not drag you down too.f. You’re not being mean by doing these things…She is self centered and probably doesn’t even bother with learning about your problems or anyone elses.g. When you said she drinks alone and doesn’t go out..Well, we know that people that drink like that are unhappy with their own self concept, identity, and have low self esteem.h. Tell her to quit the “Stinkin’ Thinkin'”, and that you want to quit it.Best of luck…This situation is no fun because you sound like a nice person, however, by always being there you are enabling her to continue with these bad communication habits and that’s not right from your end or hers. Buck up and stand up for your personal and professional time. Best wishes.
What is the best way to make a very depressed friend a little less depressed?
Q: My friend Ethan is depressed i want to make him a little less sad i mean seeing him so sad makes my heart break he is a great sweet guy who always falls for the wrong chicks and i have a little thing for him but its not good enought to change our friendship for it and i well i just want to be a good friend for now. So give me some ideas please God knows i have tried all my tricks on him to see one smile and they worked once but not lately. Thanks.
A: It’s the little things that count in a friendship. I mean I know if you were falling off a cliff and he saved you that counts a lot, but what counts more is when he helped you get over a broken heart. Now, just try to tickle him or tell him an embarrassing story about you that makes him laugh. Take him ot an amusement park if you live near one or take him to an arcade so he can just relax.
How should I help a depressed friend?
Q: As the title says, I have a depressed friend. She told me she used to think about suicide but her depression got treated. She then told me she is beginning to feel depressed again, and suicide is a reoccurring thought. What should I do?
A: 2.Listen. Although you may think that the last thing your friend wants to do is talk to you about depression, you could be wrong. Sometimes a friend just needs someone to talk to. Actively listen without judging or giving advice. Depression is an issue that people sometimes feel they must hide, in order to maintain their usual life. Either that or they are only just coming to terms with it themselves, let alone the idea of letting other people in on it. However, from time to time, your friend may open up, or express the desire to talk to you. When this happens, be understanding and kind. Don’t interrupt, don’t try to convince them they’re wrong, and try not to react in horror. It can be difficult to hear about how terrible your friend feels, but remember that they’re trusting you. Value this trust and keep it close.3.Acknowledge. Tell the person suffering from depression that you’ve noticed that they seem down or depressed lately.4.Find out why your friend is depressed. Did they just have a bad break-up or did their parents get divorced? Ask them if there is anything you can do to help. Ask carefully and gently, don’t get upset if they’re slow to tell you. Some people take longer than others to talk. If they say they don’t have a reason, it’s probably true.5.Try to understand. Every person’s story is different, and so it is impossible to completely understand. However, keeping an open mind and putting yourself in your friend’s shoes can help you come closer to them. Once you’ve done your research, you should know a lot more about depression. Apply the symptoms and emotions to yourself, and contemplate how you would feel if this was happening to you. Call upon things your friend has done or told you, and try to understand why and what they mean. In times of need, having someone understand can be all the relief in the world.6.Don’t tell your friend that life is still worth living and that this situation will improve and the sadness will get better. This trivializes their pain and will not help.7.Encourage your friend not to abuse drugs. People with depression can be much more vulnerable to the negative effects that occur when recreational drugs wear off. If your friend is taking antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication, encourage them not to make any changes without talking to their doctor or psychiatrist. Taking more than they were prescribed can be dangerous, and going off the medication suddenly may make them feel much worse.
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