What can you do to lower your stress level

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You can lower stress levels by getting organized, helping people, relaxation techniques, hug a loved one or a pet, or just play. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-you-do-to-lower-your-stress-level ]
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How to Lower Your Stress Level
・ 1 How to lower your stress level – Breathing techniques – Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then exhale… ・ 2 How to lower your stress level – mental images – this is actually one of my favorites, it sounds silly… ・ 3 How to lower y…
How can I lower my stress level?
Here are some ideas to lower your stress:・ Simplify your life. Think about everything you’re supposed to be doing at the moment. If you see that … ・ Exercise is a great way to de-stress. Vigorous exercise releases chemicals in your body c…
Do you need to lower your stress level?
・ Stress can have a serious impact on your health, especially if it lasts for a long time. If you have … ・ Stress Management

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how can you lower your stress level while studying for final exams?
Q: I am so stressed right now! I am studying for my english final, while i just found out that I made a C on my math final and a low B on my foreign language final, and an 88 on my bio final!HELP ME!
A: Who cares about grades? Who is going to look at them? What matters is whatever matters to YOU: Things that help lower your stress: 1) enough time to study. Being realistic about what can be achieved with the time you have.2) long walks (40 minutes, walking fast) or running3) love and accept yourself with assets and limitations4) having a study partner5) liking your subject6) a hobby that involves your hands7) periodically going back to make a summary or make conections in your study material8) using scrap paper to memorize the hardest parts9) a joke (any joke)
Is it true petting a cat can lower your stress level?
A: Studies have shown that living with a cat or dog does lower your blood pressure – so, yes, it is true.
How do I change the way that I respond to stress and lower my stress level?
Q: I have developed some not exactly healthy methods to deal with stress, including smoking. I mention it because needing to have a smoke is one of the biggest indicator I’m under too much stress.Work, money, eating right, difficult people, traffic, things breaking down around the house, negative news, etc…I don’t necessarily want to be able to handle more stress. I’ve started a journal where I have noted the things that I find stressful, and have rated them according to how stressful they are and how much control I have over them. I am open to any answers, even pollyanna & (non-fundie) religious ones.I’m looking for advice on what the path towards better stress management really entails. Any good books you could suggest, too.Thank you in advance.
A: Exercise is a proven method of relieving stress. Regular exercise will make you less stress prone in general, and exercise after a stressful incident may help you relax.Massage is surprisingly effective too – I really recommend this myself – though it can be expensive to book a course professionally. But well worth it!And ‘Chill-out’ type music.I know these are all very obvious – but they do all work well.
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