What does it mean if you dream about a tsunami

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Water represents your emotions when you dream. Tsunamis generally represent you feeling overwhelmed and incredibly sad. More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-if-you-dream-about-a-tsunami ]
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What does it mean to dream of a tsunami?
Water represents your emotions when you dream. Tsunamis generally represent you feeling overwhelmed and incredibly sad. The asteriod may have been something unexpected that happened, very suddenly, to make you feel that way.
What do my Tsunami dreams mean?
Our dreams reflect our real emotions through the subconscious. Your emotions seems to be raging over the possibility of a disastrous future in your personal life or society in general. The dreams could be the result of a bad attitude about …
Why I always dream with tsunami ..what does it mean??
The trunami incident somehow affected you mind, and you were distressed when it happened? Maybe you were shocked by the incident very deeply. Don’t worry, these dreams are normal . I always get shark attack dreams. CHeeRioS

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what does it mean when you dream about a tsunami of lava coming down on florida and everyone cant hear you?
Q: and all you can doo is sit there and watch it come down
A: It means you have the blanket over your head making you too hot…and nobody can hear you.
What does it mean if you see a tsunami in your dream but it doesnt reach where you live?
Q: But scares you nevertheless.
A: Your dream of tsunami has multiple elements I would interpret separately, then add together.1. Tsunami is symilar to a –cyclone, hurricane, sea born storm, and so on=turbulence.2. It involves the waves=upheavals.3. It involves destruction=destruction and/or negative forces.4. It involves the sea= emotions and seeing things clearly.And the most important even if things or events in your life look frightening–5. The place you live remains intact=safe=You are safe!To be sure please say your favourite prayer, ask for explanation, clarification, or just confirmation of the above interpretation and meditate on your dream. Good luck!
I had a dream about water where it was cloudy and very dangerous. Does anyone know what that might mean?
Q: The dream was me being in my backyard and all of a sudden water came crashing like if it was a tide or almost like a tsunami. I am constantly dreaming with water but this one really scared me. Any thoughts on what it might mean? The water was no clear it was cloudy and coming towards my house very strong and high.
A: Cloudy water may reflect some uncertainty in your life.Projecting water coming like tsunami to your house from your backyard may reflect some unexpected changes in your life that you feel and you may not be able to handle. You are feeling uncertain about lots of things and this may involve insecurity of your life. It could be job, relationship, school depending on your situation in reality.
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