What does it mean when you have a dream of your boyfriend leaving you

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To dream that you are abandoned, suggests that it is time to leave behind past feelings and characteristics that are MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-have-a-dream-of-your-boyfriend-leaving-you ]
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What does it mean when you have a dream that your boyfriend leave…?
That you are worried about your boyfriend leaving you for his ex.
Does mean anything if you have multiple dreams of your boyfriend …?
I personally don’t think these dreams literally mean what they are about. Most of the time it is your mind wondering through all the images and conversations or movies that you have recently watch ect…My husband keeps having dreams of me …
What does it mean when you dream that your boyfriend left you??
Not all the time does your dreams.. Have to do with a boyfreind leaven…. It could mean that you fear someone you love is leaven or that you feel alone. It can aslo come from the events of the day.. A movie you watched. While you sleep you…

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What does it mean when you continuously dream about your boyfriend leaving you for another girl?
Q: there is this girl i don’t like my boyfriend hanging out with because, let’s face it, shes a conceited slut and a homewrecker and she’ll go for anyone even if they are taken, and i always get a feeling he’s attracted to her more than he is to me and maybe even like her. and i keep on having dreams almost every night about them flirting, him breaking up with me for her, us fighting because of her, etc etc. does anyone know if these dreams are significant in any way or why i am dreaming these dreams almost every night?
A: Well, dreams are usually just how you are feeling, magnified. You say you don’t like her, she’s a homewrecker and all that stuff. Well, your dreams are just playing that out for you. You already believe it. If you feel like your boyfriend is willing to leave you for her, just let him go. You’ve got to have your own peace of mind. And if you are driving yourself crazy because of this fear, you’ve got to confront it and get rid of it. Talk to the bf.Also, don’t EVER talk to the other woman. She doesn’t matter. Any decisions in YOUR relationship with this guy is up to YOU and the GUY. If your bf is running to her, look at who’s doing the running. If she’s running to your bf, why is he accepting her (esp. when he’s got you?)? Either way, he’s making decisions for himself. If there is basis on your dreams (when you talk to him and find out), just know that she’s not the issue here, he is.
what does it mean when u keep dreaming of your boyfriend leaving you?
Q: i’ve been datin this guy for 5 months now and everytime i have a dream about him its about him leaving me or doing something mean to me.what does this mean?
A: All dreams are in metaphor, and represent issues that are happening your current life, offering you an insight or solution to a problem. Recurrent dreams reflect an unresolved (unfinished) issue in your life. Notice when you have the dream and see what happened that day BEFORE you had the dream. Your emotional state and your interactions of the day are the keys to meaning(s). Your chosen symbols have meaning to YOU, not something you can look up in a dream dictionary.Write down your thoughts and feelings about “leaving me” and “mean to me.” These associations will help you figure out what the dream relates to right now in your waking life. There is no formula for these symbols.You might ask yourself if you find yourself thinking of leaving him or what, metaphorically, you need to leave or what needs to leave you. Does that ring a bell for you?Your responses to these explorations will help you make the bridge to what the dream means in your waking life.A recurrent dream or set of symbols means that you’ve chosen the BEST symbol to express something for yourself and you keep using it because it’s meaningful and significant to your unconscious mind. A recurrent dream is also a call to action or you’ll continue to have the dream. Noticing when you have this dream and when you FIRST started having this dream can be helpful in understanding what it’s about.Remember: you are the final authority on the meaning(s) of your dreams.
What does it mean when my Boyfriend has dreams about me leaving him?
Q: Twice now in the space of about a month my boyfriend has had a dream about me leaving him. It doesn’t bother me, i don’t intend on leaving him for a long time and it has never crossed my mind but what does it mean? Is he anxious that i’m just going to get up and leave him without warning one day?
A: Yeah he’s probably just anxious. Maybe he thinks you’re too good for him and loves you so much and is afraid of losing you…just tell him you don’t plan to do that and give him a hug and a kiss!
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