What is the average IQ of a 5th grader

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The average I.Q. of I45 fifth-grade pupils is 85.4 with a sigma of 14.6. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-average-iq-of-a-5th-grader ]
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What is the average IQ for a 5th grader?
What is an average 5th graders IQ?
The average IQ of a 5th grader is 100.

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What is an average IQ for a 5th grader?
A: Its over 5,000!
What is an average 5th graders IQ?
Q: Ive been wondering for a while never really asked before.the person who said a 5th graders IQ is equivilent to a piece of the sand paper is very rude. Because i am a 5th grader and i am not stupid at all.i got almost straight A’s and 1 b.And commended on the reading taks test.
A: The average IQ of a 5th grader is 100.
Is 117 a high IQ for a 5th grader?
Q: I heard the average is about 100, and 115 for college graduates, so does that mean I was smarter then most college graduates when I was in 5th grade?
A: Mandy-Age has nothing to do with it. IQ is not a variable that changes as we grow-up. That said, it IS possible to raise your IQ test score as it is with any test score. By understanding what will be asked, you can prepare.First, 100 is average and 15 is one standard deviation. You are outside one standard deviation which means (roughly) you are in the top 15%. It is NOT bad (and many extreemly successful people have IQs in this neighborhood…in other words, you don’t have to be in the Promethius Society (>150 IQ) to succeed in life).The way you prepare is…Do crosswords and increase your vocabulary by 5,000-10,000 words. Vocabulary is key to the verbal portions of the test. Play Scrabble or make as many words from the letters in an eight letter word as possible in three minutes.If you like SUDOKU, do those…or any number type problem or puzzle. Learn how do do logic puzzles of the type asked on the GRE exam. Any review book for the GRE will have sections on how to do this “class” of problems.Do those “silly” pre-installed games like minesweeper on your computer. This game is timed and has logic involved.Sign up for a philosophy course at your local community college and start talking with others about what you are learning. One of the best ways to learn is to teach…so donate a little of your time at a high school tutoring center.These IQ tests are “beatable” regardless of what the “experts” (whose companies make a fortune administering/selling these tests) say.gl2u!-Fred
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