What is the best way to stay positive

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The best way to stay positive is to always think positive, take a deep breath and clear your head when you get frustrated! ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-stay-positive ]
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What is the best way to stay focused and positive when you work i…?
If you want to talk about working with a group of dysfunctional people, you should try the casino industry. I was a games dealer and the way I would make it through the day was I would limit the amount of coffee I drank not to get overly ju…
What’s the best way to get and stay positive?
Hang around positive people. I do not want to be too much of a holy roller but accepting the Lord Jesus Christ in your life will change your life. Live by his word and you will only have positive surrounding you.
Do you believe I can positive think my way into the best year eve…?
Not really. I’m not a fan of positive thinking, it places too much emphasis on self-manipulation and serves as a distraction from the main point of life: integration, authenticity, wholeness. No amount of positive thinking will ever add up …

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What is the best way to stay positive when you are in a negative atmosphere?
A: ignore everyone around you.
what is the best way to stay positive?
Q: when your surrounded by so many problems what is the best way to stay positive and up beat
A: there are many ways actually..n it more or less depends on the kinda person u r…ill tell u some ways i do just to relax…1. play music that u really like..in times of exhaustion and fury id suggest somethin calm to soothe u down..2. talk to ppl that u really love..either over the fone but if in person then even better..! they’d make u feel on top of the world anytime..u dont have to necessarily tell them ur problems..that is if u dont want to..just general talk will make u feel better..trust me..3. take a hot bath n a good nap..that combo is too good to be true..ull feel fresh at the end of it all..4. engross urself in a book or maybe a movie..somethin with a good story line..preferably a lil intriguin..that can keep u occupied for a while..be careful not to choose anythin with disturbin concepts at the time of anguish..u have worries of ur own..!5. write a diary or a journal…if u dont possess a habit..then just write ur feelings on a piece of paper..as though ur writin to ur soul..! makes u feel like u jus lost weight..! hee hee..6. do charity..it’ll make u feel good inside..u may feel it aint the time for this..but trust me..ull feel very nice..!7. n finally..the most important..believe in urself and the Lord..there’s nothin thats impossible for Him..hmmmm…thats a couple of stuff id enjoy doin durin painful times..hope i helped..u take care..n dont stress urself too much..life has its ups and downs..jus stay strong n keep it goin..! ull pull through..not to worry..!
What is the best way to stay positive when you’re surrounded by negativity all day and every single day?
A: I’d say “look on the bright side” but that’s pretty cheesy.My piece of advice.. though very cynical itself is this:Yes, everything is negative. How to stay positive? Remember that how much you think everything there is probably someone else who has it worse than you. There is probably someone else in the world who has a lot more problems than you or me and that we should be thankful that we are not them.
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