What is the fear of looking up

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Anablephobia is the technical term for the fear of looking up. ChaCha thanks you for your question! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-fear-of-looking-up ]
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What phobia is the fear of looking up?
Anablephobia and Anablepophobia are names of phobias relating to the fear of looking up
Are you reluctant to go swimming or to wake-up in the morning for…?
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What does one do when said person has a fear of looking up at high places?
Q: I find P&S has the more informative answers and this is random so all can reply
A: …lay down so you can’t fall…
How should one overcome the fear of looking stupid?
Q: We all know people make mistakes so why fear?But how does one overcome that fear and act like themselves, and not be afraid anymore even subconsciously of looking stupid?
A: The only way to get over your fear is to face it. You would be surprised how little people are actually paying attention to you. If you want to get over that fear, you need to do what you are afraid of. The more you do something over and over again the more comfortable you will be. Also this comes with maturity. I don’t know how old you are, but if you are young then you will care what others think. Its natural as a young teen or child age to think that away. But again you need to be yourself. Nothing is worse than being a fake. Instead of caring what others think, just be who you were created to be. Don’t be rude or offensive but just be yourself. When you are yourself no one can mistake you for being a giant fake. Forget about what others think because in the end it really doesn’t matter.
I suffer very badly from batophobia, an abnormal fear of looking up at or being near high structures…?
Q: how can I get rid of it? its already ruined my life and im not even fifteen yet. earlier today I saw a picture looking up at the world trade center and I hyperventilated. but it made me realise that I need to do something about it. any suggestions how to?
A: how about going to a psyciatrist?sorry thats my only idea lolalthough you could just try confronting your fear by looking up at everything until your not afraid anymoregood luck!
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