What should i do? im very upset

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Try to get calm! Deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth with your eyes closed is a good start! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-do%3F-im-very-upset ]
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Can someone help me? im very upset right now?
First thing you need to breath, slow and easy, relax and focus on getting yourself calmed down. You need to remember that every time you get upset your baby feels it so relax your breathing and slow down … Now if your sister was of a lega…

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I have a upset stomach because i was drinking liquor last night. But Im very hungry what should i eat?
Q: i just ate cup noodles soup. but im still hungry my father bought me food. but he bought rice beans chicken, steak and potatoe salad…should i eat it? im scared that i might throw up. i’ve just bought sum caffeine free ginger ale.
A: Usually dry toast is good for an upset stomach. Ginger ale is good, too. Anything bland and dairy-free is usually good for keeping down–the noodle soup was a good idea. Don’t eat the rice, beans, chicken, steak or potato salad today. Stick with the bland.
im very upset about my figure but im obbssesed and i cant stop because i dont know how to what should i do?
Q: im actually very umcomfortable with myself because people make fun of me and i need to change my way of eating before i end up without a date for the prom!!!i need HELP!!!!!
A: go to the guy, freeze an image of your ideal figure in you head and work for it!!! then make heads turn at prom 😉 even without a date! make yourself look so good that guys will wish you were their date!!! good luck!
What Should I Do?????? IM VERY HURT AND UPSET!!!!!!!?
Q: Im 27 And My Ex Boyfriend Is 23 – We Broke Up Last Year In February – We Have Always Talked And Seen Each Other The Whole Time That We Broke Up- He Lives With His Older Brother- My Ex Bf Recentlly Told Me That He Wants To Go Back Out With Me And That He Really Loves Me And Wants To Marry Me In A Few Years- My Ex Bf Is Handicapped- He Has Spina Bifida – My Problem Is Is That My Ex Boyfriends Brother Doesnt Like Me Because I Used To Argue Alot With My Ex Boyfriend After We Broke Up- His Mom Also Doesnt Like Me- Should I Just Stop Talking To My Ex And Find Another Guy Or Should I Go Back Out With My Ex Bf- I Truely Do Love Him Soo Much- Im His First Girlfriend And He Lost His Virginity To Me- Im Soo Upset This Hurts Me Bad I NEED ADVICE WHAT SHOULD I DO????????????????
A: Relax…I know it must hurt but hey this is part of relationships. It’s not gonna be perfect, problems, confusion, stress, and depression will arise. How well you come out of it will show the true character!
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