Why do yawns cause chain reactions

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Yawns may be contagious because we human animals are trying to communicate changing environmental conditions to others. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-yawns-cause-chain-reactions ]
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Why does yawning cause a chain reaction?
Believe it or not there may be a answer. Social animals yawn one after another. When animals yawn they show teeth. It signifies that I’m going to sleep but these are my teeth. Then the next guy shows his/her teeth and so on. Thus, one theor…
How come when you yawn it causes a chain reaction??
ahh i hate that! but technically, on an episode of Mythbusters they discredited the idea that yawning causes a chain reaction. somehow I think they must have messed up their test because there must be something going on there.
Why do people yawn….then someone else does…like a chain react…?
there was an article on the “chain reaction” of yawning. It’s apparently linked with our ability to empathise. Similar to the idea of parallel ventilation and copied movements during intimate situations. The actual reason for yawn…

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why does yawning cause a chain reaction?
A: Yawnnnnnnn!
what causes a chain reaction when someone yawns why do other peopl start to yawn aso?
A: Damn you! As soon as I read this question it made me yawn!This was asked a few hours ago, have a look at those answers and see, I am not sure of the answer. Take a look at this:http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy-Pf6oJNRoIt made me yawnAshley
Does yawning cause a chain reaction?
Q: Time to go…Good Night Everybody ! Sweet Dreams..**yawns**
A: I think it does. At least that’s what people tell me when I yawn. Yawn…Yes, I think you’re right. G’nite.
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