The Long Walk

It was a long walk as always and his footsteps fell hard displacing the excess water accumulating upon the street side. The falling droplets forcefully left their footprints along his ragged jeans and hood though attention to them he gave none. He defiantly strode through the heavenly tears with unwavering focus, intent on his mental dissection of the present situation. This particular time differed than most others in that it was a revelation he arrived at, a pleasant if complicated self understanding. He remained knowing of the vast emptiness and insignificance though now he saw its importance in allowing for his appreciation and joy found in the contrary, the hearts he continuously encountered lodged nearly unseen within the watery pain of the skies discharge. It was a beautiful disaster and he reveled within its embrace. The universe was open to him now, potential was becoming exercised. The wind howling around him lessened as if in courteous answer to the unlocking and coalescing of both minds, his own and that of the great All. The uphill and winding nature of his journeying began to level and straighten as he further and further unraveled the complications buried and subsequently neglected until now. The beauty of the rain was greatly amplifying this experience and he noticed his pace had begun to quicken. A smile then strangely made its way across his face and he soon broke into a full run. The hood had fallen back across his shoulders and his hair and face now felt the life from the falling of the tiny wet objects from above. Destination was no longer an inconceivable impossibility but instead was found to be an obvious and infinitely untapped potential. What came to him in those moments as he outran all that had previously held him trapped formulated itself into a prayer that he repeated over and over again against the now deafening roar of the rainfall. “I am everything, yet I am nothing. With my strength founded here I need not boast, nor need I feel anger, fear, pain or sorrow. I need only feel the Energy and that which it brings.”

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