Can you get plastic surgery to look like an asian

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What you see most is Asian women getting surgery to look more Caucasian. Wouldn’t it be best if we all celebrated our unique look? [ Source: ]
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Can you get plastic surgery to look like an asian
What you see most is Asian women getting surgery to look more Caucasian. Wouldn’t it be best if we all celebrated our unique look?

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How can I look asian without plastic surgery? And where do you buy you’re wigs?
Q: I want to start cosplaying for me and just going to school and around town dressed up as diffrent asian styles, but there’s a problem, I have tilted-up eyes, but they’re not that high, if I pulled my hair back tight every day I’d get asian eyes,but I want too know some make-up tricks on how to make myself look asian.Where do you buy wigs that look like Alodia on Deviant Arts? I love her wigs adn costumes so much! ^^
A: If you put eyeliner in the outer corner of your eyes pretty heavily and in a sort of upward fashion… it *should* work
I look so ugly…i can i change me look?
Q: im tired of the way i look…i look different and ugly…but i am too young to get plastic surgery…i am only 15…my mom says i look ok…but some people call me ugly…and i believe so …i am kinda scared to post a picture but i want you all to help me with my imperfections …because i am tired of looking so ugly. I like this boy at school…and i want to look better…to impress him…but i look so ugly…compared to other people. I don’t think anyone likes me…i tried to be positive but i need help…i asked my 7 year old brother if i was ugly he was like yeah…you look like a black asian and your lips are huge and you are fat. I am 5/5 and i weight 140…maybe i should loose weight…i have very low self confidence… My Face is huge…my nose is too short…please don’t laugh at me. I already know i look ugly…i hate the way i look.(keep in mind i am black mixed with other things but mostly black.)( 1/4 filipino, 2/4 African, etc) not fishing for compliments. i need i help i don’t know what to do with myself…i look weird. i don’t need compliments…i need advice.
A: awh!your GORGEOUS.pretty is not that stupid clone look that all the “pretty” girls is not “overprocessed over used lets look like everyone else” beauty is being UNIQUE. which you are! and also beauty is loving your self.never change. dont get plastic surgery, you deffinatly dont need it. you stay the way God made you, he made you perfectly. from the tip of your toes to the top of your head i can tell you are bursting with beauty and happyness just waiting to come laugh. you look prettyer that way. take it from a model, i think your gorgeous and would kill to have your features.your skin is flawless and smooth, a beautiful color.your eyes are narrow, inviting and kind,and hey, your lips are big. better for kissing (;have confidence and faith in your self.there could never be a more beautiful you. truthfully, the only beauty advice i can give you is smile and laugh, you do look prettyer that way, and yeah maybe work out some. wear clothes that look good on you, and make you feel good. you have a reason too. smile, Jesus loves you (: God bless<3
Do you think it’s okay to have a one-time surgery to fix a flaw that you hate?
Q: I agree that having too much plastic surgery is bad and unhealthy for you, but its okay if you can have surgery only once — just once, to fix one flaw!For example, the one thing I would really like to fix is my big, wide and flat nose. It’s unfair because my whole family have thin and small noses. But except me, I was the unlucky one to get the wide nose. So I want surgery on my nose to make it thinner.No, I am not trying to change who I am. No, I am not trying to be someone I’m not. And no, I am not trying to change my race if that’s what you’re thinking. I’m proud of being Asian and would never change who I am, but it’s just my wide and big nose that has been bothering me ever since I was little.I mean, why be unhappy with my wide and big nose if I could just change it by undergoing surgery, right? I just want to make it thinner and smaller to enhance my appearance and have higher confidence about myself.I know that many surgeries have unnatural and down-right fake results, but this particular doctor that I’ve researched about (his name is Dr. Charles Lee) is an expert at performing nose surgery and plenty of other surgeries too. The results of his works are really natural looking and beautiful, but the cost is pretty expensive.So I might choose him to do my nose for me! Just a one-time surgery to fix one flaw!
A: honestly, yes i think it’s okay. as long as you don’t get into surgery and try to fix everything you don’t like, its fine. we were all born with things we don’t like about ourselves, but if you think you would truly be a happier person, go for it. i don’t see any harm here.
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