Did Jennifer Aniston have a nose job

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Jennifer Aniston has had two nose jobs, one twelve yaers ago, and another in 2007 to correct a problem from the previous surgery. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-jennifer-aniston-have-a-nose-job ]
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She has had surgery to correct her deviated septum, but that was for a medical purpose, not cosmetic.
Jennifer Aniston has had two nose jobs, one twelve yaers ago, and another in 2007 to correct a problem from the previous surgery.
In January 2007 Jennifer Aniston had a 2nd nose job. She went to Indian plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia who has Beverly Hills offices.

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Did Jennifer Aniston have a normal nose job?
Q: She never seemed to have any swelling or anything, one day she had one nose and the next she had another. Unlike Ashley Tisdale or Ashlee Simpson, her nose didn’t have an pbvious change either, it jut looked slightly lifted. Just wondered if there were nose jobs that you could have that didn’t affect the nose that much.
A: It wasn’t necessarily a nose job she had to have it done because she had trouble sleeping.
Anyone know which plastic Surgeon did Jennifer aniston’s nose job.?
Q: I have dreamed of having my nose done, but I am scared of unnatural result. I am impresed with the job anistons’s surgeon has done, because you can’t really tell she had anything done and that is what I am looking for. I want my nose to look almost the same but little smaller. So if anyone of you know a real good plastic surgeon or know’s who did aniston’s job I really appreciate your help.
A: if you believe the tabloids, it was dr. raj kanodia. you can check out his website: www.drkanodia.com good luck!
Why do celebrities keep thier nose jobs a secret when it’s obvious they had one when you look at them?
Q: I mean, they do it all in secret and make sure nobody finds out but when you see their face it’s out in the open anyway. I am asking because I was reading something about Jennifer Aniston getting mad that her trip to the “nose doctor” was leaked to the press. What is the difference if we know now or later?
A: Or a face lift which they have all had, it looks shiny or tight or just weird. Why do they get face lifts most of them looked better the other way.
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