How can a needle cause an abscess

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A:A needle can cause and abscess if it is contaminated. Have a doctor lance it for you so the infection does not spread through your system. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How can a needle cause an abscess
A needle can cause and abscess if it is contaminated. Have a doctor lance it for you so the infection does not spread through your system. ChaCha!

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Can certain body wash cause Abscess?
Q: I had abcsess on my right thigh about a month ago and the doctor told me i would get it again. but he didnt say how or why i had it. Now i have it again and its on my side this time. so painful btw. and they said its because my bacteria level isnt low. But the first time i used this body wash i had got it.. and now im using it again i got it again.. so im thinking it can be this body wash? any one please help me because i hate when the stick me with that needle and squeeze really hard to get everything out.
A: …it is an infection…so no…your body wash is not causing it at all!!! …you may have a staph infection…tell them to test for that at your next appointment!!!
When to worry about lump under puppy’s skin?
Q: Back in October I found a lump under Niko’s skin (he is now 9 months old, Australian Shepherd) I freaked out, ran to the vet got it biopsied, cultured and fine needle aspire (dont remember exactly how it was spelled) about $80 later, turn out is was just a “sterile abscess” and would go away on its own which it did in 3 1/2 weeks.So today i found another lump under his skin on the other side, its a tiny bit bigger, feels round and soft, i can move it, its not locked in place. seems to be the same as the last one just on the other side and a tiny bit bigger.When should one worry about lumps under skin? He plays really hard and bumps into things all the time playing “tag” with my little brother and is still kinda clumsy and trips when i kick the soccer ball for him to go get and bring back. Today he rolled on his back in the field on top of some small sticks… Last time the vet said that he could of gotten poked by one of them (sticks) and that could of been the cause or ingrown hair, bug bite, …ectWhen should i worry? Should I wait a week and see what it does before i spend the $80 to get it checked… Dont have alot of money to blow right now… But ill bring out the credit card if he NEEDS to go now… I love my pup!edit:it doesnt bother him at all if i touch or even squeeze it. absolutly no pain, no uzing, no scab, nothing…csmutz2001:where did you get that information? do you have a link to the information you could give please? I have never heard they are prone to this before…
A: Your dog is far too young for you to be worrying about something more serious. Lumps happen, and most of the time, they’re simple lipomas. If the lump is fairly soft and moveable, then you know it’s not under the subcutaneous layer and is most likely fat.
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