How can a person loose fat fast

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The quickest way is to have surgery, but the healthier, cheaper way is to eat healthy and do aerobic exercise regularly. [ Source: ]
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How can a person loose fat fast
The quickest way is to have surgery, but the healthier, cheaper way is to eat healthy and do aerobic exercise regularly.
How can a skinny person loose belly fat?
The very first step is to check with your primary care doctor– if you don’t have one, arrange for that soon. She/he will know about your dietary needs, and will know how to help/advise you. Cardio Exercises + Abdominal Exercises + Diet is …
Do i sound like a fat person????should i loose weight??
You body mass index is 25.6, If your BMI is between 23 and 25, you are not considered overweight by most people. But if your BMI is 26 or more, that’s not good. I would lose a couple of pounds but dont overdue it.

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How do you loose belly fat fast?
Q: hello, i am a 14 year Girl, i weigh 135 lbs, and my height is 5″3. i am fat i have a fat belly, i really want to loose my big belly before school, i have 3 months, how can i loose 7-10 inches from my belly with out pills?. i am a very lazy person, i sometimes eat because i am bored, (lol) iv tried going on a diet but it only lasted for like 1 week, i don’t know what happened, i stated eat fat food like chips, ice cream etc, i am serious now, i promised my self that i wont mess up again. can someone please help me out, what is the easiest way?
A: 1. targeted weight lose is not possible = you can not lose fat in one part of your body.2. diet and exercise goes hand in hand = try mopping the floor with no water or brush your teeth with no toothpaste3. if you do a lot of crunches or exercises in the abdominal area, your abdominal muscle WILL grow and make your tummy budge out more.4. “flatten tummy fast” is a joke. never gunna happen. go pay for a tummy tuck if you want one so solve your problem, here is what you need to do1. don’t go on a diet, change your diet. eat healthy, eat less. as simple as that. oh i forgot to mention, u need to eat healthy and eat less, FOREVER. no going back to pigging out after you have a nice body (which will never happen since I already know you are going to fail, you sound just like everyone else) notice I said nothing about changing to an unhealthy diet where you eat once a day. remember, weight loss = calories burned > calories consumed (simple, obvious math). again, EAT HEALTHY, EAT LESS2. full body exercises, since you are a girl, you dont want muscle mass. work light, work fast, work for extended periods of time. use light weights. go as fast as you can to increase heart rate. work out for as long as you can. 20 mins minimum. you should aim for an hour or two.everything I told you is truth. anyone who disagree is misinformed.
Loose Belly Fat and Love Handles Fast?
Q: hi everyone. i’m Christina i’m 13 and in the 8th grade. i weight 153 pounds and i’m only 5 foot 4 inches tall. i looked up my bmi and i found out i am 10 pounds over weight for my height. i am a very active person but i have also been chubby all my life. i’m Italian and that’s probably why lol but anyway. next year i’m going to high school and i wanna finally change and get rid of this belly fat and also be able to walk down the beach in my bikini without being embarrassed! i really can care less about my thighs and butt. just need help with the stomach! my belly is not tHat bad it doesnt like hang over my pants or nothing, but i just think it is very unattractive. i would like a nice flat sexy belly, its the start of October and i would really like to make my goal of loosing 10 pounds or more by Christmas. Can someone please give me tips on how to make this work and please make sure these are all natural things i can’t go out and buy pills or something im only 13 trust me if i could i would of already! lol. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
A: Many people will tell you to do sit ups and crunches. I would too, but don’t JUST do sit ups.Many people make the mistake thinking sit ups burn fat from the stomach area. truth is, it is very hard to concentrate fat burning ot one area of the body.I often have to help young children deal with their weight and my number on suggestion is swimming. It tones your entire body, including your stomach, and to do. Not only do you loose weight and tone up, but your heart and lungs get fitter too.I recommend crunches alongside swimming for an hour twice a week (remember to start slow! you need to warm up for swimming too, just kick your legs about and loosen yourself up).Try doing about sit ups at a time, take a break and try again. Keep doing that for about a week, then increase it so you do the set sets three times, then next week four times. if you think you can do more than that, go ahead, but be careful not to strain your back or neck – your head actually weighs quite a lot and lifting it with a bent back during sit ups can cause pain.Obvious, when it comes to food, you will know the basics – simply east healthily. I suggest with your breakfast, cold skimmed milk. Its low fat, fills you up for a while and the cold will cause your body to spend energy heating it to body temperature for digestion, kick starting your metabolism to help you throughout the day. Exercise before dinner, as this will also have sped up your metabolism ready for eating your next meal.You don’t have a lot to lose, and I think if you take it slowly you can easily lose that by Christmas.I recommend seeing your local nurse or doctor about your weight loss as ask them for any suggestions too – I’m used to dealing with morbidly obese children, not girls with a little bit on the side so my suggestions may be a bit too intense for you to start with.Good luck to you, wish you the best, and please, don’t try diet pills with only 10lbs to lose!
How can i loose weight fast?
Q: I think i’m already a sort of skinny person, but i would really like to loose more weight, I hate seeing myself in the mirror because I look like this fat person, and i feel like my only resort is to wear clothes that are too big so no one will notice my stomach, and also i would like to know how i can get people to stop pestering me about not eating food all the time, why does it matter to some people if i eat or not? I am perfectly healthy, play lots of sports, and dance every other day, so how come i’m not loosing weight, and fat from all that activity?
A: 1 Dietary Balance and reading labels: watch what you eat, and expend more energy than you consume. It’s really that simple. This involves some calculation. Eat less and eat at least five meals a day. Your actual caloric requirement can differ depending on your height, weight, activity level and your body’s metabolic rate. Identify your exercise. No exercise was created equal. You might like running, so run. You might like jogging, so jog. You might like stationary bikes, so bike stationary. Find the one that works best for you. Don’t pick a routine that you don’t like and won’t stick with it for long. Try yoga. Yoga is one of the best ways of losing weight. Of course I can’t go into a full lecture about yoga over here but I can tell you that I have never seen people with better-toned bodies than those who practice yoga. One of the benefits of yoga is that you learn to control virtually every muscle and joint of your body so that the issue of weight gain will cease to exist. Photos and Joining online support group : Take before and after photos. There’s no easier way to illustrate your progress. It’s essential that you not feel alone, and reaching out to friends helps as they know things that you couldn’t possibly know, and they’ve probably been “in your shoes” at some point in the past (or present). Share stories, laughter, tears, successes, and failures. There are thousands of communities out there, so keep looking until you find one that fits you. Water you waiting for If you’re not drinking enough water, your body will let you know. Thirst is an amazing sensation – quench it. If you’re not hydrated, your body won’t be working at peak levels. If you’re worried about “water weight,” remember that you’re likely to retain more water when you’re not giving your body enough of it in the first place. I’m not going to dictate how many glasses you should drink, though – as that’s going to vary from person to person. Zone out. There’s a reason why people exercise to their favorite music – listening to external stimulus takes your mind off of the physical activity making “exercise time” fly or situate yourself in front of TV or video games involving exercises. Dance Out Do Salsa,tango, swing ,hip-hop dancing etc. Anyone can do it,keep in mind you are dancing to increase your physical activity, so there is no pressure on how well you perform dance. Who knows you might even learn a cool dance move or two Sleep it off. To be an efficient fat-burning machine, If you think that you’re doing yourself a favor by sleeping less, you’re mistaken. Give your body time to rest itself, both mentally and physically. Sleep is very, very important. 9 Keep a food diary. All you have to do is jot down what, when, and how much you eat in a notebook, or you can do it online at a Web site . A food diary gives a clear picture of your current eating habits so you can identify the changes you need to make to lose weight. Be motivated.You need to believe in yourself!. Learn to evaluate your efforts fairly and objectively. When you have thought of giving up, visualize how good you will look when you manage to slim down successfully.
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