How long is the recovery period for a hysterectomy

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The recovery time does vary from woman to woman and from procedure to procedure. After an abdominal hysterectomy, a woman is likely to need pain medication for the first 48 hours after surgery and often for up to two weeks following the MORE? [ Source: ]
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How long is the recovery period for a hysterectomy
The recovery time does vary from woman to woman and from procedure to procedure. After an abdominal hysterectomy, a woman is likely to need pain medication for the first 48 hours after surgery and often for up to two weeks following the M…
What is the Hysterectomy Recovery Time Period?
A hysterectomy is a very serious surgical procedure and the importance of the recovery time after a hysterectomy can’t be stressed enough. You need to make sure that you have made the appropriate arrangements needed to have time for the rec…
Can you have any form of sex other than intercourse during the re…?
I wouldn’t recommend it. 6 weeks is your usual recovery time after such surgery. This is due to the high number of stitches and also the fact that your body has had MAJOR changes and your muscles will also be very sore and stressed. Sex or …

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Hysterectomy questions?
Q: My mom is 46 years old and every month when it is time for her period she bleeds very, very heavy. She has to wake up every hour bc literally there will be blood all over her bed. She also bleeds heavy clots. She has been expeirencing menopause syptoms for the 2 years and I am getting worried about her bc I really think she needs a hyterectomy, she has said herself she needs one but she keeps putting it off. Has anyone been thru this or had one? Can you tell me about how long you were in the hospital and how long your recovery time was? Does it sound like she needs one? I’m sorry I know this alot of questions ~ I’m just really worried about my mom.
A: i did exatly the same thing and i had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 19 because of this same problem…. she really needs to get one, and she will feel so much better….. if you have any more questions about this, you can e-mail me at [email protected]….. ive been thru it…
Are we being unreasonable with my in-laws?
Q: Ok. To make a long story short. I’m having a scheduled c-section and partial hysterectomy, the day that I give birth to our twins. The recovery period for this type of procedure is 6 weeks. Which means I will need help. My mom and grandma will be traveling from the west coast, to be with me for a few weeks. 2 months after the birth of our twins, we are moving to a much smaller place (to save money), and my husband is going on deployment for 6-9 months. My in-laws (mother and sister in law) are DEMANDING to come, during the time that my mom and grandma will be here with us. We have told them several times to stay home. But my in-laws are saying they are coming, and they will kick my family out our house and “establish” their rights to our newborn twins first. After several heated arguments via the phone and text messages, my husband has told his family, that they are NOT to come to our home while my family is visiting. Besides my mom and grandma don’t like my in-laws, because of how they have treated me over the last 9 years. Now my in-laws are saying that we favor my family over them, and we are treating them unfairly. Well when you had in-laws show up at your house unannounced, staying for weeks at a time, expecting you to clean up after them, give them money so they can have “fun” on your dime, started fights over petty issues, you wouldn’t welcome them very often either. My family has been nothing but supportive, kind, considerate, and loving to my husband. Unfortunately I don’t get the same treatment from them. These are our reasons for not traveling to see them: 1: My in-laws work at a factory that has a 4th of July and Christmas shut down. They don’t have to miss out on any work. I work from home, and I would miss out on quite a bit of income if we went up there for 2 weeks. 2: Our son has mild autism, and 14 hours in a car is not a good thing. He requires therapy 5 days a week. Therapy that I have to take him to. 3: Our twins will not be very old, and I do NOT want to travel 14 hours in a car with a special needs child and 2 newborn babies. The twins need a routine, and I will be primarily taking care of them by myself. 4: We have offered to pay for my in-laws plane tickets, hotel, and rental car to come here, but they refused. 5: My husband is going on deployment. He has been told he will not be able to take more then the alloted 10 days of baby leave. Which means he can’t go to see his mom and sister. 6: My sister in law hates my guts! She has tried to cause a rift between my husband and me. Stupid twit “thinks” I took her brother away from her. I’ve done no such thing. If anything that driven him away from his sister is her lying, pushy, nasty, hateful, mean, toward me. I’ve done my best to get along with her, but she chooses to act the fool. I’m done with her. 7: I’m tired of bending over backwards for people who don’t really care about anyone but themselves. Are we being unreasonable with my in-laws? Please no rude, hateful or tactless answers, thank you.
A: After reading your plight, I think you are being reasonable. Being reasonable would have been number #4 on your list and arrange it so your in-laws and your side of the family don’t meet.Nobody has a right to push their way into your home. It’s your family home! Even your husband told them not to come. At the very minimum, they should respect that.It’s not like you’re not letting them come at all, it’s just bad timing.It’s only logical that you have someone close to you even in distance to take care of you while you recuperate. You need to take care of yourself first or you can’t take care of your babies. In-laws, while important, are not more important than your own well-being.Better yet, have your husband handle it for you because he probably has more persuasive power. Ask the in-laws to understand that it’s not about favoritism, but it’s about recuperating. Be persistent with arranging other days to come or give them the choice of getting a hotel as you’ve suggested before. Be at peace and be respectful.
Abdominal Myomectomy for Uterine Fibroid Tumors?
Q: I have done my research, so I am really looking for answers based on the personal experience of other women. PLEASE, serious responses only.Background: I’m 34 and I have uterine fibroid tumors, diagnosed by internal ultrasound. 2 of the 3 are quite large. 1 is pedunculated. I know that small, asymptomatic fibroids are commonly left untreated, but in my case, my doctor recommends removal because of the size and my symptoms. My symptoms include pain, enlarged abdomen, bladder/urinary issues, pain during intercourse and even tampon use, dysfunctional vaginal bleeding (like a period, but for 2+ wks of the month, in addition to my week-long, heavy period), etc. My doctor also recommends surgery because removal will increase my chances (from my current state) of being able to conceive later.In my case, my doctor determined that the only surgery available to me is abdominal myomectomy. (There are less evasive treatments including medications and laparoscopy, but I do not qualify for them.) This surgery involves a 4-5″ horizontal incision in my abdomen and an incision in the uterine wall once the uterus is lifted out through the incision. If I am later able to conceive, and if I successfully carry a child near term, I will have to have a planned C-section birth a few weeks early due to the weakening of the uterine wall.I know there are risks as with any surgery (blood loss, anesthesia issues, etc.). The possible complications for this specific surgery include infertilization, unexpected hysterectomy, excessive scar tissue, recurrence of the fibroids, etc. For me, my desire for a normal quality of life and my hope of having children both outweigh the risks. My questions are: (1) How long will this surgery take to recover (i.e., when may I walk and sleep without excruciating pain, return to the desk part of my job, exercise – cardio, situps)? My research says it takes 2-6 weeks to return to work, varying from person to person. I am healthy, relatively active, and have a fairly high tolerance of pain. Can anyone similar to me describe the approximate recovery time?(2) What other personal experience can you share (i.e., post-surgery pregnancy, infertilization, surgery complications, recurrence, pregnancy complications/miscarriage, etc.)?(3) If you did experience infertilization (not caused by unexpected hysterectomy), is In Vitro still an option?THANK YOU!!
A: Hi,I am not qualify to answer your question as I do not have personal experience with Fibroids. I recently did a research about fibroids for a friend of mine and found website, which is about personal experience. Perhaps you may find useful information.
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