How old do you have to be to get lasik eye surgery

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Depending on the surgeon and state laws you will either have to be 18 or 21. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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There are two issues here: When you have the ability to consent to it against your parent’s wishes When your doctor is willing to give it to you If your doctor and your parents were willing, you could have it a few hours after birth. Howe…
I’m 24 and I got my Lasik about 3 years ago. Your eyes need to be fully developed before you can get Lasik. If you get Lasik before they’re fully developed then they can go really out of whack as they finish developing. It is possible that …
Lasik is safe for teens, but it is not recommended for most teenagers. It is best to have LASIK only when you have stopped growing

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How old should you be to get Lasik Eye surgery done?
Q: I am 20 years old. I’ve had glasses since i was about 16 or 17. I am seriously looking into Lasik eye surgery because i hate wearing my glasses ( i am near sighted)Recently it seems as though my eyes have gotten worse. My glasses work fine when i have them on, but i’ve been noticing that when i dont wear them, its getting harder & harder to see things i once could. Question is, how old are you supposed to be to get this done? If i get it done now, and say a year or two down the road it starts getting worse again do they do ‘free touch ups?’Also, if anyone knows, how does sitting in front of a computer affect your eyes? I’m a writer, so i spend plenty of time in front of the screen. Thanks!Also, how do i find a Lasik eye specialist near me..and how do i know they are legit & safe?
A: well i will tell you that my wife had this done last year. she was 20 years old. i have also had this done(i was 23). we see great and have for the last year even while out in iraq. we are both military and had it done for free. what im really posting about is to tell you the you should look more into P.R.K. than lasik. its was safer, less time, and less problems down the road. as far as where to get it done just start calling around.
How old do you have to be to get Lasik Eye Surgery?
Q: I’m currently 14 but turning 15 in September. Is it possible for me to get eye surgery to make my vision better? I have HORRIBLE vision without my contacts or glasses. Everything is a blur it’s hard for me to see anything. I live in California if that matters.
A: There are many differnt factors that need to be taken into consideration to determine if a person is a good candidate for LASIK. Firstly, you must be AT LEAST 18. Secondly, the patient has to have a stable prescription, meaning that it hasn’t changed for at least a year; preferably two. There are other factors such as pupil size, corneal thickness, and tear production (because a side effect of LASIK is dry eyes and if a person’s tear production is low to begin with, it will be WORSE post-operatively) All of this criteria is established through a LASIK work-up and if all the tests come out fine, then a person is considered to be a good candidate. So, you have a few years to save up for it. I know here in Pennsylvania, there aren’t many vision insurance plans that cover LASIK yet.
How old do you have to be to get Lasik Eye Surgery done?
Q: I really would like to get this done, because my eyes are already pretty bad (-7.00), and I’m terrified of going blind.Also, what exactly do they do during the procedure that corrects your sight?
A: General practice is at least 18 with a stable eye exam for two years. My surgeon actually prefered for patients to be in their early to mid 20s with a stable prescription for 2 years.I was -8.25 and -7.75 prior to my PRK…you won’t go blind 🙂 I am a 30 something and couldn’t see worth a darn without glasses or contacts lol But my bad prescriptions weren’t gonna cause blindness. 🙂 Breathe easily there.The laser ablates, or removes, a thin part of your eye called the cornea once the flap is created (LASIK) or the corneal epithelium removed (PRK). The pattern, location, and how much laser removal depends on YOUR eye measurements, the shape of your cornea, your prescription.In the article below, check out the section called Treatment. It describes the entire preop, during surgery, and postop. Very informative and that is what helped me to decide to go ahead with my PRK.If you aren’t eligible now for laser correction, just continue with your yearly eye exams to document the stability of your prescription and your eye health, then go for the consult when you are ready and research your surgeon very carefully.Good luck!
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