Is a c section worse than natural birth

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It is generally accepted that natural births are easier on the woman’s body than a c-section. A c-section is major surgery involving the cutting of the abdominal muscles. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is a c section worse than natural birth
It is generally accepted that natural births are easier on the woman’s body than a c-section. A c-section is major surgery involving the cutting of the abdominal muscles. ChaCha!

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which is more painful, c section or natural birth?
Q: is there anyone who really knows and isnt just guessing? i was told that c section is worse because it hurts more after the birth than a natural birth. is there anyone here who has went through both a natural birth and a c section?thanks guys, i thought a c section was more painful. my friends didnt believe me when i said c section was worse. they obviously have no idea what theyre talking about.
A: I’ve only had a c-section but I’m going to jump in anyway and give you the kind of answer you probably don’t want: it depends. Honestly, laboring is different for every woman and every pregnancy! So person A might say “oh, a cesarean is much worse” and person B might say “are you crazy, the c-section is a walk through the park compared to my 20 hours of labor!”And just because I feel like it, I’ll throw another kink into it: it’s not necessarily just about pain AFTERWARDS, for a c-section. I felt it all, epidural notwithstanding. And learned that about 5 percent of women have the same experience that I did. And let me tell you, it isn’t fun, because once you’re open and they’re trying to get at the baby, there’s nothing they can do until the baby is clear. I spent those few interminable minutes cursing all the women who told me “oh, the surgery itself is nothing…you’ll just feel pressure.”So, you see, every experience is different.
Scar pain after C-section, good treatment? Will VBACS make things better?
Q: I’m in my 2nd pregnancy now, after having a c-section 2 years ago with my son. Ive started getting the normal pain along my scar from the stretching of it (yes I’m sure its just the scar, Ive had 3 ultrasounds to check for cysts and what not).Ive been using some E-oil, but its VERY expensive to get pure E-oil… Is there anything else I can put on it to make the stretching easier, or a little less painful?Also, My husband and I have been discussing birth control for after this baby is born. We always wanted to have more children, definitely more than 2. After my 1st c-section I was forced into the fact that if I had a 2nd c-section, natural birth would be impossible.This pregnancy I am planning a all natural thing (crosses fingers). If I have another c-section I was planing on getting my tubes tied (I don’t want to have more than 2 c-sections).If however I manage to pull off a VBACS, I was wondering if this pain in my scar will be less with the next pregnancy?Does giving vaginal birth help the pain? It makes sense to me, you wouldn’t have any new scar tissue, and the old scar would be stretched out from the previous pregnancy.I am only about 24 weeks along in this pregnancy, and already the pain coming from the scar is terrible some days, mostly the days I run out of E-oil. I seriously think that if it is going to be this bad next pregnancy I may just get my tubes tied either way… I was just rely hoping to have more children, as was my husband.Has anyone ever had a pregnancy after a VBACS?Does the c-section scar hurt less after a VBACS delivery, than the pregnancy directly after the c-section?
A: Congratulations. I havent had a c-section i had a natural birth, but i am a midwife and have seen an array of births. Pregnancies after a c-section and VBAC and quite common when all goes well in the VBAC i would tend to agree with you that once the scar has stretched the pain and itching would be less then with this pregnancy. Are you going to try for a VBAC? the only thing i would suggest is talking in depth to your doctor about why you had a c-section in the first place as this can influence wether it is adviseable to try for a VBAC or electe for another c-section. Good luck with everything
Is it possible for natural birth after C-section ?
Q: What i was wondering was whether i have any chance of attempting a natural birth after i suffered a 3rd degree tear having my daughter 3 yrs ago. I have since had a son who is 2 but had CSection. I am expecting again and really don’t fancy going through surgery. I think its much worse than natural birth. Has anyone got any similar stories or advice? My hospital has contradicted itself.
A: O.k i have 2 boys, the 1st was born vaginally with a 4th degree cut, plus me still tearing the other direction, so my doctor recommended me have a c-section with my 2nd because the risk of tearing again could cause me to loose all bowel control!! The c-section hurt more short term, but still til this day i have some effects from my first born during sex!! In certain positions it still hurt!! If i have any more it will def. be a c-section!! I would rather have short term pain, than never enjoying sex again or losing bowel control!! Not worth it!!!
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