Is TMJ bad

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It can be , In most cases, pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders can be alleviated. More severe cases need surgery. [ Source: ]
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Is TMJ bad
It can be , In most cases, pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders can be alleviated. More severe cases need surgery.
How bad can TMJ symptoms get? Can t throw off your whole skeltal …?
No it cant throw your whole system off, but it can be quite painfull, you must first get a bite plate made to releive the stressfull bite
How bad is my tmj and should i be worried?
Sometimes orthodontists are not the best people to see about TMJ disease. It has been my experience that there are some general dentists who have much more training and knowledge in the treatment of TMJ problems. If you are not getting impr…

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Is TMJ Bad?
Q: Would you need surgery?? I Just found out what it meant and I See it happens to me.Help please.Would i need surgery? Its not making my life bad
A: I have had TMJ for 20 plus years. I have not had surgery. Surgery is needed only in extreme cases. Good luck and God Bless
I have tmj… i have a mouthpiece but i want braces instead is that a good idea?
Q: I have bad tmj which affects my ears by making them feel congested and gives me a microphone feeling. The doctor gave me a appliance to wear during the day and another for night but it hurts bad and its hard to eat and talk. I am miserable and want a faster less annoying cure so i want braces. Im going again tomorrow to tell him this stuff but i wanted your oppinion….. 🙂 thanks
A: I had TMJ too. I had to wear a mouth piece at night and this was about a year and a half ago. Then i got braces put on to fix my teeth and I stopped having jaw problems so I got a win win situation. Beautiful straight teeth and my jaw doesnt hurt anymore. Because I had braces I no longer grinded my teeth at night so my muscles relaxed and my jaw stopped hurting. I hope you can get it all fixed because I know there is nothing more painfull than TMJ.
Why would a nighttime mouth guard warn against using it if you have TMJ problems?
Q: I have some pretty bad TMJ issues and will be seeing a specialist shortly, but I grind my teeth so badly at night that my teeth and jaw hurt when I wake up. I wanted to use an over-the-counter mouth guard for some relief until I see the specialist, but the package warns not to use if you have TMJ or jaw clicking associated with TMJ. Any ideas as to why?
A: Night guards are sold over the counter not for TMJ problems exactly but for a condition known as bruxism or grinding of teeth. Since you already have a TMJ problem, wearing mouth guards are going to worsen things because of abnormal muscle pull in the TMJ area. Thats why dont use it when you are sleeping.
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