What are the causes of an abscess tooth

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A:A tooth abscess is a complication of tooth decay. It may also result from trauma to the tooth, such as when a tooth is broken. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-causes-of-an-abscess-tooth ]
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What are the causes of an abscess tooth
A tooth abscess is a complication of tooth decay. It may also result from trauma to the tooth, such as when a tooth is broken.
What causes an abscessed tooth?
Damage to the tooth, an untreated cavity, or gum disease can cause an abscessed tooth. If a cavity is not treated, the inside of the tooth (called the pulp ) can become infected. Bacteria can spread from the tooth to the tissue around it, c…
Can a Tooth Abscess Cause a Blood Infection?
abscessed tooth can spread infection to other parts of the body via the blood. This can cause a blood infection, pneumonia, brain abscess and other complications.

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Can an abscessed tooth cause all of your gums to hurt?
Q: I have one abscessed tooth. I was supposed to get a root canal tpday, but they cancelled. It is my top right tooth, but for some weird reason, my gums on the front bottom hurt really bad, and there is nothing wrong with those teeth. Now I have to wait a week to get in, and I am in pain, all of myteeth are really sensitive suddenly. Is this because of the abscess? What can I do?
A: Reasons why other teeth might hurt:1) there may actually be a problem with other teeth2) pain from one tooth referred to another area (doesn’t usually occur from top to bottom)3) pain in one tooth causes you to “shift your bite”, or chew in a unusual way. This can cause teeth to contact in unusual ways which may cause sensitivity.4) dental problems and pain causes anxiety and stress which can lead to cleanching jaws or grinding teeth. If those front teeth all started hurting suddenly (sensitive to cold?) then I would bet this is your problem.
Can an abscessed tooth cause encephalitis??
Q: I have asked a few questions about my mom having encephalitis and getting epilepsy from it, but we don’t know what caused the encephalitis. I know misquitos can give it to you, but she just got it recently and lives in very cold weather so it’s not likely. The only other thing wrong with her is that she has a very bad tooth and needs a root canal. It swells up sometimes and she can’t afford a root canal so they told her to get it pulled, but she refuses because she doesn’t want a missing tooth. I know how dumb that sounds compared to your health but I don’t think she knew it could cause something so horrible. Obviously I am going to force her to get it pulled now, but is this the likely cause of the encephalitis and should she be on antibiotics until she can get to the dentist? She doesn’t need it again. It has already been devastating.
A: Encephalitis is usually a viral infection of the brain. A dental abscess is a bacterial infection. The two are not related at all. However, your mother is seriously ill and having a dental abscess on top of her other medical problems can weaken the immune system further and cause cardiac problems. She needs to be on antibiotics ASAP and deal with the infected tooth. She is really playing Russian Roulette with her health!
Reoccuring Tooth Abscess?
Q: When we got our dog, he had a little bump on his face. Since he was a rescue dog, the vet thought the bump was a mite infection. We took him to a different vet and they proceeded to remove 22 of his teeth; mostly baby teeth that never penetrated the gums. At that time, they told us that they didn’t know what the bump was and they picked it off. THEN we took him to a different vet that said they were sure that the bump was an abscess caused by a tooth. The abscess has been picked off multiple times before we knew what it was. Is this common for it to come back? Will he be okay if we wait to have it removed? Can I pick it off?Thanks!The vet has said that it will have to be removed. We’re hoping to take him back to the vet that didn’t catch it when they removed all the teeth. Hopefully they’ll cover the cost since they miss diagnosed the abscess and being a sore. I think that’s the least they could do since the last vet knew it was an abscess immediately, even before looking at the tooth.
A: An abscess has to be dealt with from the inside out, not from the outside in. If it is truly an abscess from the tooth that was removed there is a fistula, pocket or root fragment left that needs to be removed. Sometimes antibiotics given long term can resolve the situation. What does your Vet think the next step is?
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