What does it mean when you feel like juice comes out of your tooth

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A:A tooth abscess or root abscess is pus enclosed in the tissues of the jaw bone at the tip of an infected tooth, which could be the juice coming out of your tooth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-it-mean-when-you-feel-like-juice-comes-out-of-your-tooth ]
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What does it mean when you feel like juice comes out of your toot…?
A tooth abscess or root abscess is pus enclosed in the tissues of the jaw bone at the tip of an infected tooth, which could be the juice coming out of your tooth.

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21 yrs old with heart and digestive problems…?
Q: Before your read a few sentences and then tell me to go and see a doctor, please keep in mind that I just came back from the ER last night, and they were useless. Especially the one I went to. The docs spend more time joking in the lobby then dealing with patients and they assume a blood pressure test and a 2 minute EKG is enough to detect anything. Then they send you off and tell you to “follow up”, after they have looked at you like you’re a lunatic for having health problems at 21. I even heard them joking on me hysterically for bringing a stool sample in a tupperware container. They act like a bunch of kids honestly. The stool I brought them was completely black, and the “doctor” had the nerve to tell me that “it doesn’t look like any human stool she’s ever seen”… basically insinuating I brought dog feces in a tupperware container!.. It is a shame and they should all be fired.. anyways.. I know I need to schedule a real docs appointment.. I will..but I am here looking for input… not criticism!Okay, for the past six months I have been suffering with gallbladder problems that have made it nearly impossible to consume a normal diet. The docs say this problem is very rare for someone my age, and out of the 8 or so hospitals I went to, only ONE had the courtesy to do an ultrasound and find out what was wrong with me. Due to these gallbladder problems, I am CONSTANTLY constipated and not a single bowel movement comes with ease, EVEN THOUGH IT COULD BE STRAIGHT LIQUID DIARRHEA.. IT JUST WON’T COME OUT! It is like my anus is contracted to the point where nothing will escape.. even liquid! Now, I have been eating like a health nut, consuming nothing but fish, fruits and veggies for the past couple of months and drinking nothing but water, apple juice and grape juice. ( I don’t smoke don’t drink.. not even coffee dammit).. I have even been using lemon juice on my food and all of the other recommended natural therapies. Finally within the past week I have passed a few gallstones, but the feces that the gallstones were in was complete liquid, and it was DARK BLACK.. in fact it looked like lint from someones pocket, soil, or coffee grinds. That is the only way to describe it really. now.. here is where it gets messed up.. I have been dealing with heart palpitations for a few years now, but it has gotten SEVERE over the past few days. I mean it has gotten to the point where I am experiencing pains in my left shoulder, arm and even down to my wrist and on the left side of my neck and face. When I get up to walk around my heart murmurs a lot, so much that it simply can’t be ignored, and it gets worse upon taking a deep breathe. I am experiencing pains in literally every organ in my body, even my left testicle! I burp violently even when I only drink water! I get light headed suddenly and my heart starts racing out of nowhere. And I am also experiencing tightness in the chest from time to time on the left side. I am also having pains under my mouth between my chin and my neck. Externally I feel relatively healthy musculature wise, and that is probably why docs don’t pay me much attention, but INTERNALLY I am a wreck! Name a symptom and I have probably experienced it in the past few weeks. The only thing I haven’t been doing is vomiting or running a fever, which will probably come soon if something isn’t done! Just in the time I have written this I’ve had SEVERAL heart murmurs.. no joke..Now a little background history. I have an abscess tooth on my left side, and it bleeds when I brush. I have had it for a year, and the infection has kept returning even after 3 full courses of antibiotics. I have a suspicion that this is what is causing my problems, but I am not sure. Anyone have any useful suggestions or input as to what could be happening to me. Please tell me something.. someone. 🙁
A: There are some very good answers here. The first thing you need to do is get the tooth taken care of. Get it pulled if necessary. As others said it will affect your entire system, it’s infected so get it out. Next find yourself a Dr, a GP would be good as they have had some training in just about everything and what they don’t know they can refer you to someone who does. Your stool should not be black, most of the time that means blood in the intestinal tract somewhere or in the colon so a Gastrointerologist needs to be consulted and a possible scope of the bowels done. Constant constipation is not normal but neither is diarrhea. Your gallbladder may have to come out. As for your “heart” problems, it sounds too much like stress to me. You have plenty to keep your body stressed out with your constant worry over your bowels and what you think is heart trouble. So your GP can run a stress test and EKG and Echo is necessary to put your mind at ease. You may need a mild medication like Xanax to relax you until you calm down. I’m not saying you don’t have a reason to be upset but it is upsetting your entire system. So first find a good GP, take a list of your problems and go from there and try to relax before you put yourself into a heart attack. One more point, your tooth. After 3 courses of antibiotics and no relief you may have Osteomylitis which is an infection in the bone where the tooth is, that usually requires surgery. See a Orthodontist or Oral surgeon, it will show up on Xray of your tooth or a biopsy may be needed to confirm.
Do you think my 2yr old son is could be Autistic? help? Kinda long sorry.?
Q: *He Makes Great Eye contact & Can hold eye contact well.*Speech delayed, After tons of work on my part is now using at least 20+words consistently & repeats new ones everyday he hears from me or his father. -Please remember 2months ago he had 3words- I believe i just sat him in front of the tv to much & well he didn’t really have to use his mind. Once I shut the tv off now he’s a different child.*He love to line things up and stack things, anything for that matter. He went through a stage where all he wanted to do was line things up but now has broaden his horizons and takes interest in all sorts of things. But if there is pop cans he will try to line, stack, or just build with them.*He repeats little phrases like deedaleedalee, Everyone loves listening to him But I worry about it. It’s just a lot of Jabber and usually consists of the same sort of things, usually followed by Jabber, Point to something like he’s trying to tell you a story but it just comes out jabber.*He can now answer simple yes/no questions pretty well, we are still working on that. He just began so Its getting better everyday.*When a Song comes on he will dance and spin in circles. Once I told my ped he spun in circles when music came on he flipped and told me I needed an assessment, Speech therapist and a developmental Pediatrician to see my son.*He can read your emotions. If you are happy he will smile back/laugh at you, Sad face or tell him he gave you a boo boo he will console you hug you, try to kiss you & go mm, If you give him a MEAN face he will grit his teeth or just watch you I know waiting for if I’m going to put him in time out or not, & You can make a funny face he will try and copy.*If he wants something to drink or eat he can tell me bite, drink, or juice. But usually instead of walking up to tell me he will bring me or point to something to eat or bring me a juice box or empty container of something he knows that is food/drink. The other day he found the silverware and brought me a spoon to tell me he was hungry. I can ask him if he is hungry and he will tell me bite.*He’s really social when were out in public, he tries to talk to people that are in line waiting to check out & most of the time I think they are wondering what in the world he is saying so they just play along. He will point, jabber, point jabber and smile/laugh. etc,…*He loves to be held, bounced, thrown around”wrestling, not literally”, Can eat by himself “besides when using his hands just work better lol”, I know I am forgetting some things, But what are some other things I should be looking for?Do you feel any of this could point to autism? I know afew things probably do, but overall I feel he is doing good. Yes a little delayed to what his peers are doing but I’ve made a complete turn around these past couple months & things have oh so dramatically improved. I guess I thought about autism because his pediatrician just stuck it out there on me all because he was speech delayed & my son spun in circles when he listened to music….Thanks, and sorry so long.He also tries to play with children, I’m a stay at home mom so we dont get a lot of other children time but his cousin is around his age & when we go out to places he will try to play with children. But he doesn’t PUSH the subject. For example, One time we were at the Dr’s office and a little girl a little younger than him was playing he went up to her smiling and she tried handing him something well when he reached for it she took it back and he looked at her a minute then just walked a way. He watched her awhile and then tried again to go up to her but she ran to her mom. Once she did that he just played by himself & with me.
A: I have been a mom for 30 years to 4 kids plus I am grandma to a 2 1/2 year old grandson and I’ve provided child care in my home for 22 years. I also have an early elementary teaching degree. It is a very normal and common concern for parents to worry that their children are autisitc. From your description of your son, though, it appears he is behaving like a very normal 2 year old. Speech delays are not uncommon and are caused by a wide variety of reasons, only 1 of which is autism. The fact that he is improving with your help is significant to indicate he is heading in the right direction. He may need an assesment for the sole purpose of being accepted in to a speech therapy program where he can make even greater improvement. Be sure his pediatrician has ruled out things such as hearing problems or undetected ear infections. Even a build up of ear wax can delay speech. Lining things up and stacking things is appropriate developmental behavior for his age. It is actually a preliminary skill that will help him grasp math concepts. Toddlers have the potential to occupy themselves with a particular activity for quite a long time. Toddler dancing to music can take on some pretty comical forms. Spinning in circles is not unusual in response to music. Your son can make and hold eye contact. Plus, he can communicate his needs as well as be social. These are all signs pointing to your son not being autistic. Most significant is the fact he can read social cues in the form of responding correctly to facial expressions. It does take an assesment by various professionals to accurately diagnosis autism, so I think that it would be fine to follow through with that idea just to put your mind more at ease. In my own experience working with children in this age range, I do not see any glaring red flags from your description of your son that would make me concerned. The jabbering is related to his speech delay. Since he talks, even though you don’t understand him, you know he is trying to figure out communication. The only thing I can see he may need help with is his speech and that usually responds well to therapy.
will you help me? this is my last chance to make things right! and i only have 1 day! :(…or hes gone 4ever?
Q: Okay.I am going to try to make this really easy to follow.* I started dating this guy LONG DISTANCE when I started high school. I was a freshmen and he was a sophomore*while we were dating, I became best friends with his sister who is a year younger than me*We broke up in the middle of my junior year/his senior year*we each got new bfs and gfs.but they only lasted like a month.and we knew we were still meant for eachother. He broke up with his girlfriend for me and invited me to his prom*after prom I was expecting us to get back together or something.he told me he loved me and everything like that .but he wouldn’t ask me back out. He kept telling me he was busy like everyday.too busy too call me, but if he saw me talking to another guy on myspace or something he would be like omg I love you so much, why are you hurting me like that? like he was giving me mixed signals, so I sent him a HUGE message explaining to him how I felt about him.and at the end it was like.so I’m leaving, you can stop me or watch me go.just call me and tell me what you are choosing to do. He didn’t call so I got a new boyfriend for like a month.and he txtd me for the first time since prom and was like “hey I’m glad you’re happy now. you said you would always wait for me! >:O” and I was like.”well he isn’t too busy to say hi to me and he actually shows me that he cares” etc etc*even though he was being a jerk.i REALLY miss him*He leaves for college this august.and I’m going to the beach with his ENTIRE family. like.im even meeting distant cousins from like canada that are his age and stuff. I was invited by his sister because we do everything together. He knows I’m coming but hasn’t said anything to me or anything.*********^^okay I think that’s all of the background information you’ll need to help me :)*************Here’s my question:That day I go to the beach will either be the last day I’ll see him forever (because he will get a new girlfriend in college and get married etc) OR it will make him miss me .and miss us.and we will start talking again. IM TRYING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO MAKE THE SECOND OPTION WORK. PLEASE WILL You GIVE ME ADVICE? this day is in 2 weeks and I am so scared. I love him with all of my heart. 🙁 I love him so much.this is my plan.1. get really tan2. get in better shape3. whiten my teeth4. put lemon juice or sun-in in my hair to make it blonder5. get a really cute bathing suit6. and act really funmaybe he will be like “omg how could I stand being away from u?! I miss u! *homeward bound music*” *kiss*what do you think?! omg please help meeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhh!guys, what could your ex do to get you back if you were in that situation ^^^girls.just help me. lol please.OH PS. we have only ever kissed be4. we both have really nice morals and valuesmyspace.com/turnthepaigeeeee
A: No matter if you get to be the hottest woman on earth he still acts like a jerk when he wants too even to a girl he’s interested in – so it sounds like even of you get married and have lots of the hottest babies he will be selfish and just get on your nerves – looks and laughs only will get you to the first month. You need a man who consistently treats you with total respect and what he’s been doing is not that.In all truth it sounds like he’s pulling you along in case he doesn’t find anyone else. I would find someone else anyway – just wait for the man who loves you – just the way you are… looks only last a few years a marriage lasts a lifetime. Good luck and God bless :0)
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