What is a lithotripsy

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Lithotripsy is the breaking of a calculus in the urinary system into pieces small enough to be voided or washed out. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-lithotripsy ]
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Lithotripsy is a medical procedure that is used to break up stones such as those in the kidney or bladder. The stones are broken into pieces with shock waves and pass out in tiny pieces with the urine.
Lithotripsy is a medical procedure that uses shock waves to break up stones that form in the kidney, bladder, ureters, or gallbladder.
・ Italian medical sources suggest lithotripsy may have been known as a treatment for kidney stones in the… ・ Three types of lithotripsy exist: ultrasonic, extracorporeal shock wave, and electrohydraulic. In the… ・ Using lithotripsy can …

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What was your experience with lithotripsy?
Q: After I have my baby in about 2 weeks my doc is going to do a lithotripsy to bust up some very large kidney stones I have. I am of course going to ask the doc exactly what will be done, but I’m hoping for some of your personal experiences. I would just like to know what they do at the procedure, do they give you any kind of sedative, did it hurt, and did it work for you? Also, after they busted up the stones and you had to pass the teeny tiny fragments, did that hurt?? Thanks in advance.
A: A lithotripter breaks kidney stones with sound waves. The stones are broken down until they are small enough to pass out in your urine. It is completely painless.
Okay, I need to information. I am having lithotripsy tomorrow and having a ureteral stent put in.?
Q: I am scared to death. What is going to happen? Anyone had this procedure done?
A: I do not know specifically about a ureteral stent but a stent is a stent and they do the same thing regardless. The procedure is very safe with pretty minimal risk. They will insert a tiny tube into your ureter and through which they will inflate a tiny balloon catheder expanding your ureter temporarily and then they place the stent which is a little flexible tube that keeps the ureter expanded to relieve inflammation blockages etc. It is commonly used for kidney stones. Many Ureteral stents are removed within a few days to a few weeks. Good luck
how long after lithotripsy does it take to pass stones?
Q: i had lithotripsy done and i’ve started passing really small fragments, and sandish stuff. i was wondering if i might start passing bigger fragments. it was a larger stone….i was wondering what other people expirenced. I have four other stones…will lithotripsy set the other ones in motion?im a women not man
A: It could take a few days or hours sometime a few get stuck and go dormant for a while then start hurting in your back again before you pass it.Hope this helps
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