What is the cause of a abscess on the liver

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A:It depends on the type of liver abscess. They can be caused by an abdominal infection such as appendicitis or diverticulitis. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-cause-of-a-abscess-on-the-liver ]
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What is the cause of a abscess on the liver
It depends on the type of liver abscess. They can be caused by an abdominal infection such as appendicitis or diverticulitis.
What causes liver abscess?
A liver abscess may be caused by different bacteria (germs). The bacteria may be from infections in another part of the body. These may include infections in the abdomen, heart, or mouth. The bacteria may reach the liver through the blood o…
Why is appendicities could cause liver abscess??
Amebic Liver Abscess Risk Factors. Amebic liver abscess is caused by Entamoeba histolytica, the same organism that causes amebiasis, an intestinal infection. The organism is carried by the blood from the intestines to the liver. The disease…

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What could this be?
Q: After spending 10 hours in the emergency room yesterday for a fever that presented at 102.1 and severe headache, my symptoms did not appear to be from an emergent cause such as brain abscess, metastasis, menigitis, sinusitis or internal bleeding. I had general work-up for the fever and a cause was not apparent at that time AFTER studies on my urine, blood, and CT scan of my head and face. An ultrasound was had of my gallbladder??? dispite my acknowledging pain in the area of my liver and kidney. My abdominal area was not palpatated., although my discharge paper s state that studies were made of my abdominal area. I gues this is via blood works.Tests Performed:Lab, radiology, and Other testing Including the following:Lab Tests Performed:CBC: Normal Chem7: Normal Amylase/Lipase: Normal Liver Enzymes: Normal Urinalysis: NormalBlood culture: PendingRadiology Tests:Chest X-Ray: NormalCT-Head: NormalCT of the Face: NormalUltrasound of the Gallblader: NormalCSF fluid: Negative for menigitis or bleed.I was give antibiotics to control the ‘infection’ and stop the sever headaches and later discharged with prescriptions of Motrin 2 600 mg and vicodin @ 500 mg. I am a breast cancer patient who had recently undergone neoadjuvant chemotherapy to reduce a breast lesion. I still await surgery. I cannot understand why this infection cannot be adequately located as of yet through the blood works (two seperate culture) removed fro my Port-a-Cath. I have pain in several areas of my body, yet the CBC, etc, shows nothing….as if this thing is psychosomatic in nature. I assured the doctors it wasn’t.Tell me..what could this be that is presenting itself as an infection now?**Blood culture: Pendingdispite my acknowledging pain in the area of my liver and kidney. My abdominal area was not palpatated., although my discharge paper s state that studies were made of my abdominal area. I gues this is via blood works….as no radiological test were done of my abdomen. the CT scans were of my head and face only. I asked why the abdominal area was not done as I asked the Ct technician why no tests were ordered in that area. I told him that I told the ER doctor of the pain in those areas. Nothing was ordered to assess that area. I am under the impression that there must be something filtering through the liver and kidney, chemo damage even, but the blood works aren’t showing this. What other test should be had under my Primary care physical that can better explain such results?Thank you Psyengin…Please note that stress only causes headache and fatigue…not fever. I can readily understand where your coming from regarding chemo-induced anemia as well. I had it while under chemo some months ago. Neulasta injections one day after each chemo treatment solved that problem then. Chemo toxicity to the kidney and liver may be a possibility. I am looking into that as well via a Pet/CT scan two days from now as scheduled by my physician. Today he has also scheduled an MRI of the pelvis/thorax/abdominal cavitiy. Again, blood cultures are pending. Thank you for your concern….<smile>Great input here, abijann! Thank You!I will be bringing this info you have given me here to my Medical Oncology physician’s attention ASAP, as it is quite relevant. Endoscopy, ERCP, and colonoscopy SHOULD be considered due mainly to the effect of my chemo treatments on my bowel functioning: the mucousal lining did shed considerably. This could have resulted in an oportunistic colon infection, etc. at issue here. I am still awaiting those blood work results response from my Drs…..*sigh* My hope is that this is nothing more than an inflammation either as a result of necrosis caused by the chemo causing the tumor to regress (it has shrank considerably) or ,,,infect-ion. Of where?? Hopefully the tumor is not increasing in size, Something is not right, as I am starting to feel the same set of symptoms once again as lead me initially to the ER on Monday. PET and CT scan fusion of chest/abd/pelvis had been ordered 20th. It was moved up to tomorrow morning.
A: Reading through your (amended) post and the other responses, I can’t give you any additional medical advice, but do wonder whether anything dietary may be contributing to the problem. If you’re experiencing pain in the liver/kidney region, it’s possible the problem is intestinal, so you may want to restrict your diet to eliminate harder to digest foods for a few days and increase your fluid intake to see if flushing out your system helps. I would including hot oatmeal (plain) with oat bran added to make sure you’re getting enough fiber. Light soups/broth would also be in order.
TMJD, Impacted Wisdom teeth, no insurance?
Q: I haven’t had dental insurance in eight years. Until about four years ago, this was simply a minor nuisance. I got my first cavity while pregnant with my first child at this time. I had hyperemesis gravidarum throughout my pregnancy and the constant throwing up ruined the enamel on my teeth. i have always had TMJD, and my jawbones are really undersized for the teeth that are already there. My wisdom teeth began to grow in a couple years ago, they are trying to find room to grow and are causing my other teeth to shift. Now, it looks like an atom bomb went off in my mouth, and i have constant abscesses, a permanent foul taste of pus in my mouth (sorry if too much detail) and intense pain in my jawbone, eardrum, and eyebrow. its pretty much constant, and i go through a couple tubes of orajel a day and am ruining my liver on naproxen and aspirin. I went to the ER a month ago because the pain and pressure in my eardrum was so intense i thought it was going to bust. When I was triaged, my BP was 177/122 and i was given some benzocaine drops for my ear. But, there was really nothing they could do understandably. My state does not offer any assistance for uninsured adults with dental problems if they are over 21 and my job doedoesn’tfer insurance. My question is, what can I do, and what will happen if this continues?
A: You have got to come up with enough money to get those wisdom teeth pulled. Your health is at risk from this infection all the time not to mention the pain it causes. This infection can spread and go systemic throughout your body if you are not careful and then you would be in trouble. Call around to the various dentists and ask them if they can set you up on a payment plan of some kind. If you have a job, then you might have a credit card you could use. What will happen if this continues? If the infection is left untreated and goes systemic throughout the body, it can kill you at the worst. At the least, the infections will continue to bother you and you are going to have to put more money into pain control and treatments for the abscesses. They will make your health deteriorate as you are finding out.
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