What will happen if my appendix busts

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A:If your appendix ruptures, it can lead to peritonitis and abscess (bacteria getting in abdomen). Death is possible. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-happen-if-my-appendix-busts ]
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What will happen if my appendix busts
If your appendix ruptures, it can lead to peritonitis and abscess (bacteria getting in abdomen). Death is possible.
Can you die if your appendix busts?
If the appendix bursts it’s very dangerous. Infants, young children, and older adults are at highest risk. A ruptured appendix can lead to peritonitis and abscess. Peritonitis is a dangerous infection that happens when bacteria and other co…
What Happens Appendix Busts?
You need immediate appendectomy and IV antibiotics because it can cause a bad infection throughout your body called sepsis

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I got my appendix taken out. I need to know…..?
Q: Well its been about 2 weeks since I got it taken out. The doctor says I can do all the normal things except heavy lifting. I still got stitches inside and want to know what will happen to them. I also want to know if it is ok for me to do crunches and stuff that work out the abdominal muscles or if it will possibly bust the stitches open. Please Help!!
A: More than likely, the stitches willdissolve on their own. There is a special kind of stitch that has this capability. I would wait on doing crunches and working out the abdominal area until the doctor gives you the go ahead. I made the mistake of doing this after my operation and I was in more pain than I was right after the operation. The doctor told me to give it one month after surgery before doing abdominal workouts.
Just WONDERING about scars???
Q: Hi I have tried to look up an answer for this, but i have found nothing…Please try and be nice.We are TTC, about 4 years ago i had a huge operation my appendix busted and i had to undergo extensive surgery..I have a huge scar that runs from under my cleavage to the top of my pubic area.My question is probably stupid but what the heck…I was wondering as you get further into pregnancy your stomach gets bigger, so will it affect my scar? I dont care if it stretches and doesnt go back….I am worried that it might split open or something ….Damn i sound like one of those im 13 and pregnant people…(no offence 13 year olds who dont take precautions)I know people has c sections but doesn’t that usually happen long ways across the bottom of the belly?Well i guess if you ask a stupid question expect a stupid answer….So thanks to people who take this seriously!!Big hugs!
A: It is not a stupid question. I have a scar as well, well two actually and although it might get uncomfortable it will not split open.Just an example my sister got burnt over her entire chest, stomach and legs when she was small and has extensive scar tissue, she has carried two babies to full term with only a little discomfort.I would just use a tissue oil to keep it moisturised and help ease any stretching and itching going on.
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