What would be the reason they would have to remove the ovary

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A:A tubo-ovarian abscess – a pus-filled pocket involving a fallopian tube and an ovary. Ovarian cancer. Endometriosis. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-would-be-the-reason-they-would-have-to-remove-the-ovary ]
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What would be the reason they would have to remove the ovary?
A tubo-ovarian abscess – a pus-filled pocket involving a fallopian tube and an ovary. Ovarian cancer. Endometriosis. MORE?
Is there any reason I might want my ovaries removed??
There is always the argument that removing the ovary prevents the possibility of ovarian cancer. A woman has a 1 in 70 chance of developing cancer of the ovary during her lifetime. Due to a lack of symptoms initially, the presence of ovar…
What are the reasons for ovary removal? Does it affect female hor…?
It could have been due to a cyst. If the cyst is too big and invades the ovary then the ovary needs to be removed. She still has the other ovary, which will produce eggs as well. The ovary will produce hormones as well. To get more answers …

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What would you do?
Q: If you were told that you either had to have another baby now or you wouldn’t ever be able to because they were going to remove your one and only ovary left…what would you do? The reason why I ask, is because I may be in that situation. Last year I had my right ovary and folupion (sp?) tube removed because of a tumor. Well lately I have been having the SAME pain and sensation that I did then. I am going to the doctor on Thursday to have it looked at. Two months ago he looked at it and there was a marble size cyst on my left one! (the only one I got) So I’m scared that I will have to get that one removed and then be baren. I want more children soooo bad and DH and I decided that next year on our 2nd wedding anniversary we would start trying. I want that year, because we both need to be more secure in our jobs….I’d like to lose a lil wieght and we’d like to be a lil more finacially stable. So with that said….lets say my doctor says we have to remove it, and I askask if I can get pregnant first…he’s says yes…should I? Even though we’re not ready yet—Well, no one is really ready pursay…and seriously I will die if I know I can’t have children anymore. I always dreamed of 4!! I wanted 4 because there was no middle child. And 2 wasn’t enough. Being a mother is the most important thing to me….I’m just so scared for this Doc. appt.We already have his 10 yr old (he has custody of) and our 2 yr old.
A: Yes, do it now, if u don’t I promise you’ll regret it. You’ll look back and say “We could have made it back then…now it’s too late” it’s better now than never. I’m so sorry u are going through this, I hope u figure this out… Good luck and God bless. ***Before I send this, I’m going to take a minute and say a prayer for u k? Hope things work out :)***
Why would a FTM want to have a baby?
Q: I understand, support and hold no prejudices against transgendered people. However, I never understood why a female-to-male transgendered person would decide to keep their ovaries with the intention of carrying a baby to term one day. If you believe you are a male but was born in the wrong body and are working to match said body to your brain and your heart, should you not also remove the ability to have children as that is inherently female? I don’t know, I guess I always viewed it as hypocritical and selfish to believe you are a male and to take steps to be so fully, yet you retain female characteristics. I’ve only briefly known one transgendered person, a MTF, so I never had this conversation with her, and I’ve never met a guy (born male -xy) that said outright they would like to be able to have a child, so I guess it kind of feels like as long as you intentionally retain the ability to have children, you are still straddling the female/male line, even if you had surgery, took testosterone and other medication, etc. Perhaps this dilemma of understanding I’m experiencing lends credence to the idea that there is no such things as man or woman and that it is okay to be both male and female, i.e. masculine and feminine, but again if you want to match the physical to the mental, psychical, emotional, why not do so 100%? And what does it mean when you decide not to?Anyone who is a FTM and has or plans to give birth to their children in the future, please respond. I am genuinely interested in your reasoning. And, again, I hold no judgment but am curious. I live in a big city and am confident that at some point in my future I will know and perhaps befriend a FTM so this is a conversation I intend to have with someone in my life one day, but another yahoo question got me wondering again, so I though i’d put it out there and hope for a genuine response.
A: Giving birth isn’t an inherently female feature in the animal kingdom. I’m sure everybody remember learning about how male seahorses will carry & “give birth” to offspring for their female partners.Plus, tranmen experience different levels of dysphoria. I relate to this question because I’m FTM & I’m 4 months pregnant. My soul is male. The body in which I live is female & I have no problems with using my body for what’s it for. It’s not a direct refelction on my masuclinity; it’s just biology. You also seem to completely exclude genderqueer from your argument. Plenty of transpeople feel like they’re a little bit of both or maybe feel male one day & female the next. Like I said, it’s just a bodily function for me, not a direct representation of my soul. & honestly, to see the idea of a transman retaining their female genitalia & reproductive organs means that they’re still female is slightly transphobic. Obviously, we have no control over it when we first come out as transgender. Does that make us a mixed breed tehn? No. To put us into a box like that is silly. I am male as can be. I just happen to have a vagina & uterus. I will never get rid of them because I don’t need to. No transperson is the same. While some feel they ahve to go the whole nine yards to be happy, other’s dont have surgery at all & some only change a few things. It doesn’t make them any less of the gender they identify with, nor does it mean they’re straddling any type of gender fence.Honestly (and I really hate saying this but it rings true here) you wouldn’t really understand unless you were transgender & knew what we feel.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?
Q: Back in November, I was sent to hospital with a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary.. They decided to wait rather than operate to see what would happen- 2 weeks ago I had another ultrasound and it now appears the cyst is not hemorrhagic anymore, and has shrunk slightly.. But they have also found that my left ovary is poly-cystic…I am having an appointment with a gynaecologist, but I’m really worried… I’m only 21 and I’m not sure whats going to happen- My father has type 2 diabetes, and my aunty has had fertility problems (I understand these can have an affect genetically)I can know understand the reasons for my irregular periods, and weight gain (it’s like 2 stone) and low mood… but what happens now? I don’t want to be infertile… will they remove my ovary?Can anyone give me any advice or personal experience… I’m worried 🙁
A: PCOS effects women to a greater or lesser extent. Many women have PCOS. It is very common. 7 in 10 women find they have fertility problems as a result of PCOS. IF this is the case then ovulation inducing drugs like Clomid can be given- PCOS will not necessarily render you infertile. Many women with PCOS also go on to have many successful pregnancies without the need for fertility treatment. There is no cure for PCOS, just management. If the cysts are causing a problem then surgery is sometimes an option. If not, then it is simply a case of managing your symptoms. Irregular periods can be rectified with hormone contraception’s or if they are not a problem, taking no action is also an option.There is no justification or reason to have your ovary removed.Here, read this article- explains all about PCOS.http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/womenshealth/facts/pcos.htm
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