Winter Craft Project for Kids: Snow Bunny

The cold weather brings us indoors. If you have kids, you know that good indoor activities are needed to conquer boredom. A way to spend some quality time is to engage in crafting. Both kids and adults can explore their creativity and have fun at the same time. Great projects can be made by using many items that you may already have on hand, such as cotton balls, felt, construction paper, etc.

Here are instructions for making a cute snow bunny that can be used for a winter decoration. My daughter and I enjoyed making this as one of her class projects. This craft project is appropriate for kids age 7 and older.


White card stock

Cotton balls

White felt

Pink craft chenille stem

Pink yarn

Pink pom-poms (small: 10 mm, and medium: 1″)

Wiggle eyes (1″)


White craft glue



Black permanent marker (fine/med. point)

Optional – Iridescent or silver glitter (to get a glistening snow effect)

Optional – Spray adhesive (if using glitter)


Cut three circles from card stock: (two) at 4″ diameter and (one) at 3″ diameter – save the scraps to use later.

Glue the three circles together at the sides – overlapping a little at the meeting edges. Place one of the large circles at center, the other large circle is attached to the right, and the smallest circle is placed above the center large circle to create the bunny’s head.

Use about two to three cotton balls and gently stretch to thin them out. Shape the stretched cotton into the form of the assembled circles. If needed, use more cotton – to give a fluffy appearance.

Glue the stretched cotton onto the circles – covering completely and extending a little beyond the parameters of the circles.

Draw bunny outer ears on the scrap card stock (outer ear is appx. 2.5″ from top to bottom; then draw the smaller inner ear on another piece of card stock (inner ear is appx. 2″ from top to bottom) – cut these pieces out to use as templates.

Using the white felt, cut the two pieces for the outer ear from the template.

Using the white felt, cut the two pieces for the inner ear from the template.

Glue to felt cut outs to the corresponding (card stock) ear templates.

Glue the (small) inner ear pieces to the front of the (large) outer ear pieces (centered).

Trace around the inner ear pieces with a pencil or marker to give the illusion of depth.

Optional – to allow the ears to bend – glue a small piece of pink chenille stem on front of the inner ears.

Glue the ears to the back of the bunny head. The ears should be centered on the head and spaced about 1.5″ apart.

Glue on the wiggle eyes.

Use the small pom-pom for the nose and glue on.

Use a small piece of yarn to shape the mouth and glue on.

Use the medium pom-pom for the tail and glue on.

Optional – lightly spray the entire bunny (including ears) with the adhesive then lightly sprinkle with glitter.

Let dry.

For the scarf, wrap the piece of ribbon around the neck and glue on or tie into a bow.

Optional – instead of using ribbon, a scarf for a small doll can be used (as we did in the example shown).

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