Winter Grilling Tips

Here are some winter grilling tips that you can use to have a more enjoyable winter grilling experience. Though many people put their grills away in the winter, you can still enjoy the great taste of grilled food even in winter. In fact, having plenty of charcoal or propane on hand during the winter is a great way to be prepared for power outages that might make you unable to cook inside.


Of course safety is the most important consideration in grilling regardless of the season. So avoid the temptation to bring the grill indoors and keep it outside where it is safe! Another safety tip is to use a meat thermometer. A thermometer will allow you to make certain that the meat is done so you don’t hurry the process and bring undercooked food inside to be eaten. Remember, the colder starting temperature of winter grilling will mean that it will take the grill longer to get up to cooking temperature.


Though you may grill in the backyard during the summer, there is no reason not to move the grill to a more convenient location for winter grilling. Just make certain that the location is safe, away from any flammable items. Position the grill to avoid the wind as well. Not only is grilling in the winter wind uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous if the wind is too strong. Placing a grill in a location near to a kitchen door or back door is ideal. This will allow you to quickly go out to tend to the food and get back in with the food without it cooling down too quickly.

Small and Simple

When grilling in the cold weather of winter, keep your cuts small and the recipes simple. As smaller cuts cook more quickly, you will have to spend less time outside cooking. Simple recipes also generally cook more quickly and require less effort on the grill. As the temperatures outside are cold, you want to grill simple recipes that allow you to keep the grill closed and the food cooking.

Use a Lid

When it is time to take the food off of the grill, bring a lid to cover the food after placing it on the plate. The lid will protect the food from the cold temperatures allowing the food to still be piping hot when you get it inside to the dinner table.

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