WWE Presents Tables, Ladders, and Chairs OH MY!

WWE has started to announce the card for their December PPV Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC). Some of the Matches that will be taking place at TLC will be the WWE Championship Match, the Intercontinental Championship Match, and a Tables Match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett.

The WWE Championship Match will be a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match. CM Punk will be defending his Championship against The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. Punk won the Championship last month at Survivor Series when he defeated Del Rio; Therefore, the WWE probably has no plans on giving the Championship back to Del Rio this soon. That leaves The Miz and Punk. It would be nice to see The Miz have another Championship reign; However, if The Miz did pick up the victory his reign would not last. The Miz would have a short reign because John Cena is trying to recapture the WWE Championship before WrestleMania XXVII. The best place for Cena to recapture the Championship is inside the Elimination Chamber. This would allow Punk to have a Championship run lasting more than a month. It would also allow Cena to win the Championship without going one on one with Punk and prevent The Miz from having a short reign as Champion.

The Miz has made it clear that Punk will not be leaving TLC as Champion. The Miz is only lying to himself. Del Rio and The Miz may be able to work as a team before TLC but when it comes time for one of them to grab the Championship the other is not going to sit by and watch. That will provide Punk will the opportunity he needs to grab the Championship. For that reason I’m giving the victory to Punk.

The Intercontinental Championship Match will feature the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and the challenger Booker T. Booker T has not wrestled a Match since June 6 th , 2011 when he defeated Jack Swagger on an episode of Raw. He was scheduled to face Rhodes on an episode of SmackDown but Rhodes attacked Booker backstage before the Match. The Match was rescheduled for TLC and it was announced that the Intercontinental Championship would be on the line. Since the Championship is on the line Rhodes will not be leaving TLC without the Championship. Booker may pick up the victory but Rhodes will do whatever it takes to keep the Championship. If Rhodes needs to he will get disqualified or counted out. For those reasons I’m giving the victory to Booker T but Rhodes will remain Champion.

The Tables Match will feature Randy Orton and Wade Barrett. Orton and Barrett both captained teams at Survivor Series. Barrett’s team got the upper hand as Barrett and Rhodes were the sole survivors for their team. This time around Barrett will not have a team to back him up. Orton will not have a team to hold him down. It will be one on one with Orton putting Barrett through a table. It would be nice to see Barrett pick up the victory. As the WWE Universe knows anything can happen in a tables Match. Remember TLC 2009 when Sheamus pushed Cena off the top rope causing the table to break? Barrett will need to catch a lucky break like Sheamus if he hopes to pull off the victory. Odds are it will not happen since Team Barrett picked up the victory at Survivor Series. For that reason I’m giving the victory to Orton.

The TLC card will also feature a Chairs Match between the Big Show and Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship. Dolph Ziggler will be placing his United States Championship on the line against Zack Ryder, and the WWE Universe will witness the first ever Sledgehammer Ladder Match between Triple H (HHH) and Kevin Nash.

Mark Henry’s reign as Champion could be coming to an end. Henry escaped with the Championship at Vengeance when the ring collapsed. He took matters into his own hands at Survivor Series by getting disqualified. This time around Henry will have no where to run. Henry has been nursing an ankle injury which could be the advantage The Big Show needs to pick up the victory. If Big Show is able to defeat Henry, Henry can claim that Show is a coward for competing against an injured Champion. It would be nice to see Henry carry the Championship into 2012 but do to his injury it seems unlikely. For that reason I’m giving the victory to Big Show.

TLC could be Ryder’s time to shine. Ryder earned this Match by defeating Mark Henry. To earn the Match with Henry, John Cena had to give up his WWE Championship Match. With Cena behind Ryder the odds have to be in his favor. Even with Cena behind Ryder it might not be enough for Ryder to pick up the victory. The WWE Universe wants to see Ryder and the WWE knows that; However, without a Championship Ryder’s merchandise is selling like crazy. So the WWE does not need to give Ryder a Championship unless they want to reward him for all his merchandise sales. By not giving Ryder the Championship it will only make the WWE Universe want him more. Ziggler should win this Match, unless the WWE is planning to turn him face. Ziggler should be rewarded for his hard work over the past two months. Ziggler wrestled two Matches at Vengeance and Survivor Series. For doing that Ziggler should be allowed to carry the United States Championship into 2012. For that reason I’m giving the victory to Ziggler.

The first ever Sledgehammer Ladder Match will feature Triple H and Kevin Nash. Which ever Superstar climbs the ladder and retrieves the sledgehammer will be able to use it legally in the Match. This is good news for whichever Superstar grabs the sledgehammer first. It will not matter which Superstar grabs the sledgehammer first because HHH will be walking away with the victory. This could be Nash’s last Match with the WWE, unless he gets some outside help from X-Pac or another member of the nWo. For that reason I’m giving the victory to HHH.

Only six Matches have been announced for TLC. Most PPVs have at least eight Matches. For that reason look for John Cena to be in action against Kane. Air Boom (Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston) could also be defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against Primo and Epico.

Source: WWE TLC

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